January 9th, 2002

alone on a swing

So much candy, such little bags....

I did something today. It was a scary, but exhilarating something. Well, I did more than that something, I did a couple somethings, but that one was the most... MOST.

Okay, so I went to pay my tuition for my new collage. It was $1007! Good thing daddy dearest said he pay it for me this semester or I'd have dusted my account. I have to pay for my own books though. Hopefully it won't be more than $300. Hopefully. But that isn't the something.

The something is... *deep breath* I declared a second major!!! *shakey grin* Yup, that's right, I'm a masochist. So, my primary major is still Psychology, but now I'm also majoring in Sociology, with in emphasis on Criminology. Woo hoo! I was thinking of just doing a minor in Anthropology, but somehow my hands flitted to certain forms... and my feet took me to certain offices... and suddenly, I'm double majoring. Wheeeeeee!

I'm insane. It means I have to take two more math classes besides the two I already had to take. Oh yeah, I'm definately insane. But that just about fits for a Psychology major who's going to specialize in criminal behavior. Yup? Yup!

Zooty Zoot Zoot!
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