January 15th, 2002

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Okay, that was relatively painless (except for the getting up early bit). I've registered for classes! God, I love online registration. Unfortunately, I can only register for 15 units on my priority, so I'll have to pick up at LEAST 3 more closer to the actual start of classes.

So, what I'm taking:
Crime & Criminal Justice
Sociological Analysis
Intro to Folklore
Environmental Geology
Intercultural Communications

The first two are for my new Sociology major, while the rest are upper division GE's that I have to take. But no Psychology courses. I might go into withdrawal. What ever shall I do? Ah, I think I'll go back to sleep now....
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I had weird dreams after going back to sleep this morning, post-registration.

First I have dreams that are mostly memories about ROTC and bootcamp and the rifle and academic team competitions. At the Navy base in Coronado, the first morning of bootcamp, we were forced to get up at 4am and run around this HUGE field. I have really surreal memories of doing this in the dark and looking across the bay at the lights of San Diego. In my dream, I wasn't in pain (like I was during the real life run) but I ran out across the water because I was late for school. Okay, it's the first day of school. The school is this funky hybrid of the two colleges I've been to and my high school. I meet this new student and his dad, both who have really heavy British accents. I show them to the main office, where the dad is hustled away by a psychiatrist. Then I leave the boy there looking at the flowers growing in the hall because my first class is starting. I'm seated next to this girl who's wearing tossblack's clothing and has her backpack, but it isn't her. Then I notice that the world is rotating outside the window. Very vertigo-inducing. I ask what's going on and someone tells me the Borg are attacking. I see the cube, but instead of the standard Borg drones, the attackers look like the monsters from Mark's PC game, Serious Sam. Then the classroom/school is flying to safety, except we have to stop. I'm evacuated into a white car in what looks like the driveway of my father's house. Instead of backing out of the driveway, the driver slams the car forward, ramming into one of my dad's classic cars, which punches through the garage door, ramming the car inside the garage up and through the second floor. You can just see it through the window. Then we make our escape. Then I woke up. Freaky, eh? Very vivid dream, too. I have NO idea about the symbolism.

So, today I didn't do much. I went hiking. The creek was totally dry. I sat by the tunnel under the Santa Susana pass and watched trains go by. I read some of my novel. Brought home yummy Greek food for dinner and Mark made chocolate chip cookies. Then he and I watched some programs on the Travel Channel about Las Vegas. Interesting, but neither of us are gamblers and outside the state of California people are allowed to smoke in public, which kind of suck for non-smokers. I'm glad we passed the no smoking laws here. Then I played some Alice, but I'm stuck in the Pool of Tears level. I keep falling into the water trying to follow the Mock Turtle and the Snarks eat me. Grrr.
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