January 16th, 2002

alone on a swing

Geek power!!!

Mark won't take any comics with him to work this afternoon, even though he's going to be bored out of his skull there with nothing to do but wait. He said, "You can be a programmer and not be a geek. You can read comics and not be a geek. But you can't be a programmer reading comics without being a geek." Then we chuckled about him already walking a fine line, what with his debates about the Star Wars movies with my mom and his competitions with me over how fast he can name a episode of the original Star Trek by just listening to the first few minutes.

And I ask you, what's so wrong with being a geek? Nothing! Geek power!!!


Jules Asner: "Was that ever hard?"
Ewan McGregor: "Excuse me?!"

She was asking him if it was difficult to perform naked. Heheheh. "Revealed" on E!
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