January 24th, 2002

alone on a swing

Murple, redux.

I went back to my new school today to apply for unit overload. I got my signature, stood in the appropriate line, and got it. So I signed up for 4 more units (Statistical Methods in Psychological Research & Laboratory) and dropped another $70 on the text. So I have a total of six classes and a lab. Wheeee!

I'm really excited about school starting!

I also went and talked with the guy I met yesterday who recognized my Megatokyo t-shirt. He's such a sweetie, and cute, too! I may just have to spend a lot of time in the media room of the library, where he works.... Anyway, go visit his website at http://www.csun.edu/~btk29323/main.html and sign his guestbook. He was very unhappy that people hadn't signed it yet. Please make my new friend happy!!! ^_^ He has cool stuffs there about anime and Korea. Go to it!
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alone on a swing

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Somehow, I got talked into doing a sequel to the story I posted two days ago. Wha?

So. Another story. How many am I writing at the moment? Um. A lot. Will they all be finished? Probably not. But I'm definately going to finish "Xander Does DC" and Shamenka's strife_lust challenge and this new sequel. And someday, if my muses are merciful, I'll finally write that transsexual Kowalski story that has been stuck in my mind for years. And finish the crossover-from-hell. Maybe.


Well, I better get to the writing. School starts on Monday and I'll be too busy to write.

Why can't all my storys hatch from my brain fully formed in three hours of fevered writing like "Of Myths and Men"!?! Grr.