February 1st, 2002

alone on a swing

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I'm hungry. Yes, yes I am hungry. A handful of Corn Pops and an apple ceral bar does not for a lunch make. Dinner... is over an hour away. We're going out. And then I'm leaving immediately to go back to the campus for the anime club meeting. Which may or may not actually be meeting. In a room I don't actually know the location of. Oh, and I don't know when the party is. *puzzled* I know where, but not when.... Huh. Brian doesn't know, either. This complicates matters.

I am... *drumroll* ...a research assistant! I sign the paperwork next Wednesday and have my first training session next Friday. Looking over the research packet is interesting. Apparently, this study JUST got approval from the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects. So, now I'm a slave to two professors and a three graduate students. But I met my fellow slave and she said all will be well. Heheh, I can't wait!

And I signed up for a series of four workshops on webpage making, te he! Hopefully, it'll help me help Starkiller with Fandom Fanatics. Yay!

I'm happy, but I'm still hungry.
alone on a swing

The journey towards otaku-ness.

Heh. Mark and I went to Marie Callendar's for dinner. Then I left for school, braving the tail end of rush hour to watch me some anime!

Got there. School... deserted. Dark. Scary. Parking lot empty! Wander around. Ask guy in computer lab where auditorium is. Go there. Meet 6 other people wondering where anime club is. Sit around for awhile. The 2 other girls leave. Me and the 4 boys go off to search the campus for that elusive wild game, anime. No luck, but did get an interesting tour of school-after-dark. Cold. Very cold. Boys leave. But I run into anime guy. Surprised him. People actually go to the website?!, he exclaims. Explains that next Friday is first viewing, today was just club officer meetings to determine future. Tells me to bring anime. I will bring anime. Anime good.

Home I am now. Called Alseides. AIM'd with tossblack and guingel. Found out about raves. Raves good. Wrote livejournal entry.


*bows* Thank you, thank you very much!
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