February 14th, 2002

alone on a swing

tired yet mostly content

Broke yesterdays record for how much time I've spent on campus in one day! scary

And I think I accidently erased all that survey data I spent two hours entering in the lab today. Oops! I'm trying to be optimistic, but I couldn't find the file anywhere. Aw well, I'd only gotten through 5 pre- and the 5 corresponding post- surveys. My real problem is that I'll have to get the grad student to show me how to set up the data matrix again, which basically forces me to admit that I'm a dumbass. Whatever, too tired to care.

That optional paper? I was going to write it last night, right? Well, after posting to lj yesterday, I fell asleep in front of the monitor. Heh, early to rise, early to bed. I wrote the paper in the library collaboratory at school. And managed to finish yesterdays research work there, too, *with* time to actually read some of my text for the Crime quiz I took tonight (which was really easy, by the way).

But Mark made Monte Cristo sandwiches (my FAVORITE) and I missed it, having to brown-bag it for lunch and buying shitty fast food for din-din. I was strangely fascinated yet repulsed by the meat-mush I took and ate for lunch. So odd...

I'm getting behind in my reading. Eep!!! And my fanfic writing, too, for that matter. But somehow I still manage to make time to read the novel I picked up last Tuesday. "One of the Guys" by Robert Clark Young. It's fun. Guy who works in an adult bookstore finds the in flagrante dead body of a Navy chaplain and decides to take his place. His adventures at sea. I liked it.

Time to poke fun at people: During the 10 minute break in my Criminology class tonight, no less than 8 people stepped out into the hall, immediately attaching their cell phones to their heads. Heh. Okay, maybe it was the Valentine's Day thing, but REALLY folks.

And the scary Christians cornered me at school today. Now, no offense to any practicing Christians out there, but these ones really WERE scary. I find it funny that the picture on the cover of the book I was reading (see above) said "Jesus Saves" but the subject matter was mostly blasphemous.

The more I'm at school, the more messy my bedroom becomes. There's a direct correlation there, maybe even a cause-effect relationship. PILES of stuff on the floor. I'd clean it up on the weekends, but Saturday and Sunday are already fully scheduled. I think the weekend after this I'm going to have to take a "me" day. Don't leave the house, don't put on shoes, scrounge for food rather that have actual meals, work through all that e-mail piling up in my inbox, put my desk in some sembalance of order, et cetera.

"Le Morte D'Arthur" is BIG. Really really big. Thick. I don't know where to put it, I don't know when I'll read it. Anyone want to borrow it so I don't have it sitting around cluttering up my home?

It took me several seconds to remember my name to write it on the quiz tonight. This probably means I should go to sleep now. So I will. Nighty night!
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