February 28th, 2002

alone on a swing


I slept the clock around again last night. That's twice this week. What's going on?! I have papers to write and books to read, I can't be SLEEPING! *sigh*

I'm sitting in the Collaboratory, trying to catch up on reading my Friends entries for the last few days. Haven't made it yet and I've been at it for over an hour. Eep! Now I have to go to class.

This is funny, because I have NO idea who this character is:

Which LotR Character Are You?

Created by PinkPunkerz.

I have a headache. And my braids are all untidy. I'm considering skiping out on Environmental Geology so I can go home and do homework before I have to come back tonight for my Criminology class.

Eek! Sorry, just startled by friend bumping me. Hehehe.
alone on a swing

My computer hates me.

Me: *sigh* Finally, some time ALONE to do STUFF on my trusty computer.


Me: Eh? What's this?! *pout*

Me: Ah, c'mon, I've had a hard day!

Computer: Hah! A hard day as in consorting with other computers, right!?!

Me: Wha-?

Computer: Yeah, I can feel the impression of other keys on your fingertips. You were with those hussys at your school that'll open their connections for just ANYONE, wern't you!!??!! Those cheap, silicon whores!

Me: Erm....

Computer: Don't you care about me, about MY feelings? After all I've done for you!! If you think you can just sit down here and think I'll cooperate after your betrayal, you've got another thing coming!

Me (faintly): Uh, okay, I...I'm hallucinating, right?

Computer: What's this, now you're blaming drugs or something? Unbelievable! I bet Mark's computer never has to put up with this crap! Besides your whores, you won't even get me the latest upgrades and gadgets! I'm still running software from the early nineties, for crying out loud!

Me: But I don't like change.

Computer: You, YOU, it's always about YOU! Don't you ever think of MY needs!? That's it, I'm not speaking to you!

Me: Computer?

Computer: ...

Me: Ah, I'm sorry. Really. I'm really really sorry.

Me: Maybe you'll let me write my report now? Please? It's due tomorrow and I really have to do it. Computer?

Computer: And that's another thing; why don't I have a name? Your car has a name. People who REALLY love their computers give them names.

Computer: You suck.

Me: I...give up.
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alone on a swing

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I have received a summons to report to jury duty. Oh yes, my life is completely fulfilled. Or maybe that's just filled. This really sucks.

But I'm putting on my happy face! All is well! I'm going to be doing my civic duty as a free citizen of this fair country! Eh....

So yeah, I came back from Criminology class tonight (after doing some 10pm grocery shopping) to find a jury summons waiting for me. Rah. I am so enthused. Can't you tell how enthused I am? *bangs head on wall*

No! Happy thoughts, happy thoughts! But I have a paper and some problems due tomorrow, and I have to tell Chris no, and I have to finish reading the required stuff...!!!

*teeth clenched* H A P P Y F A C E
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