March 19th, 2002

alone on a swing

random slang is interesting

Wrote up SSFL Workshop meeting today in the Collaboratory. I think I spend too much time in there. Heh. Took midterm in Intercult Coms. Boring day overall.

Which HP Kid Are You?

Random slang from page 500 of "The Dictionary of Contemporary Slang" by Tony Thorne:
stuff (n) 1 a euphemism for an illicit drug. ("Got any stuff?") 2 See short-stuff, the right stuff.
stuffed (adj British ruined, abandoned, 'kaput'. A brusque but fairly inoffensive derivation of the verb stuff.
stumblebum (n American) a vagrant or derelict, literally a stumbling, helpless tramp. The word is now usually generalized to denote an inept, incompetent or clumsy person.
substance (n British) cannabis; hashish or marihuana. A euphemism adopted by users of the drug from the legalistic description (emplyed particularly in sentences such as 'Certain substances were taken away for analysis). ("Got any substance?")
suck (vb American) to be repellent, inferior or worthless. An extremely common term of strong disparagement or denigration in American English, suck is both a euphemism for fuck and an amalgam of notions contained in words such as 'sucker', cocksucker, etc.
sucker-punch (vb American) to attack from behind or without warning, to land an unfair or surprise blow. From the colloquialism 'sucker'; a dupe or easy victim.
suck face (vb American) to kiss. An adolescent euphemism on the lines of swap spit.
suck-hole, suck-holer (n Australian) a sycophant, toady or other contemptible person. A more recent variation on the ancient notion expressed by 'bumsucker', arse-licker, etc.
suck off (vb) to perform fellation (on someone).
suds (n American) beer; a 'college-boy' word.
sudser (n) a soap opera. A piece of journalese from the 1970s.
suedehead (n British) a member of the youth subculture of the later 1970s who resembled skinheads, but wore their hair slightly longer, hence this epithet.
suffer! (exclamation Australian) a cry of defiance, challenge or contempt as used by schoolchildren and adolescents from at least the late 1970s.

Yes, I'm bored, why do you ask?
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