March 27th, 2002

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I'm Delight!
Which Member of the Endless Are You?

Okay, I cheated just a wee little bit on that one, but seriously, do I seem like the Destiny type? Harumph.

Oh, and anyone who likes Lord of the Rings and slash and laughter needs to go to cassieclaire's journal. Heh. Oh man...

I have developed a completely unexpected fascination with Severus Snape. This is very odd. I like Snape. Draco, Harry, and Ron are okay, and I really like Hermione, but Snape is totally the best! I'm weird, lets just leave it at that.

This is also funny. Poor Hedwig! (And why are there so many people out there so much more witty than I?)

I went to the movies today and saw The Time Machine. Good movie! I liked it, although it seemed a bit short. I wanted more.
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alone on a swing

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God, this episode of Enterprise...!!! Shit, okay, I'm going to go all geeky Trekkie on this one. Don't the writers of this farce know ANYTHING!?! Jean-Luc Picard, as Captain of the USS Stargazer, was the first human/Federation ship to encounter the Ferengi!!! This was EXPLICITLY STATED! Grrr.

Oh well, at least I get to watch Trip wandering around the ship in his underwear. Heh. Oh yeah, a lot of this series is made up of soft-core porn. Whee! *choak* With the REALLY BAD music to go with it.... Geez, Gene Roddenbery is probably rolling over in his grave right now.


Awww, Trip put on clothes! Bummer. Eww, he just bit a Ferangi's ear! And now they're whipping him! Ack! Bad image, naughty mind, need to wash my eyes out with soap....


What I learned from this episode: Ferangi wear brightly-colored striped socks. No kidding! And T'Pol is actually sexy, in a mildly appalling way, and only to slimy little money grubbing toads. *sigh*

Now I'm going to watch The West Wing to get the bad taste out of my mouth.... OH SHIT! Evil news anchor bitch just tricked the President! Eek!


Oh. My. God. Heh, that's great! "Women, and more than a few men..." fantasy dates with Josh.... damn, the writers are reading fanfic, maybe even slash.... Wheeeeee, I love this show! I may have to change the kitty from pissed off to giggly!

YES, LATER, YET AGAIN (I can't seem to stop posting more)

That's kind of harsh, isn't it? I mean, not *everyone* on the internet is a crackpot. We're not *all* on anti-psychotic medication. That said, Josh is making a BIG mistake by replying to his weirdos on the fansite dedicated to him. Donna is so cool. I betcha Donna reads slash, oh yes!


Geez, Josh is in SO much trouble! CJ is WAY cool! "So far up your ass!!!" Heh.

BOO YEAH, BARTLET FOR PRESIDENT!!! WOO HOO!!! Dance, kitty, dance! (Yes, The West Wing made up for Enterprise. Gee, it's fun watching television again. I should do it more often. Unfortunately, I go back to school next week.)
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alone on a swing

Look ma, I can write poetry!

A Pause
by Me

I sit
relief in stillness
too much doing
I need to be
to be
so I can know
so I can see
just who I am
without distraction
in stillness I may find
I may understand
a part of me
even if it's merely a fraction
of my whole
because the rest of me
may be found
not with being
but doing
I stand