March 28th, 2002

alone on a swing

The Great Big List of Webcomics I Read

My favorites:
Boy Meets Boy
Help Desk
Magical Boys
Strange Candy

Others that I like:
Absurd Notions
Annie the Hardcore Gamer
Blue Canary
Bunny Extreme
Diesel Sweeties: Love and Pixels
Exploitation Now
Funny Farm Comics
Geek Rock
General Protection Fault
Ghastly's Ghastly Comic
RPG World
Motel Dystopia
Penny Arcade
Real Life
Separation Anxiety
Sluggy Freelance
The Adventures of Buffy and Evil Willow
The Cyantia Chronicles
Umlaut House
When I Am King
You Damn Kid
Your Wings Are Mine
Acid Reflux
Gundam Wing: Endless Fuel
In A Perfect World

I think there are more, but those are the ones I've got just now. And once a little comic called Featherheart is put up, that'll be added to the list, too (hint hint).
alone on a swing

Josephine Wall's art (part 4)

This one is called "Sweet Synergy" and is part of her current collection. I just love how busy the whole thing is! You can look at it for an hour making up stories about all that is going on! Well, I can anyway. ^_^

alone on a swing

I yam what I sweet potato

I saw Sorority Boys today. Funny movie.

I swear, e-mail BREEDS in my inbox. It's actually rather scary.

I have a lot of anime to watch. Yes.

Oh dear, I have been driven quite mad by a series of events. Oh well.

Severus Snape rules! Boo yeah!
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