April 2nd, 2002

alone on a swing

The Cloudtrader Speaks

I've been having the damndest time getting on LJ for the last two days. Grrr.

First day back to classes. Ho hum. Forgot my Intercult Coms textbook at home, went into the quiz without it, did fine anyway.

I have a new CD!!! One hundred and sixty-seven of my favoritist songs, all nice and shiny, ready to be played in my .mp3 player. Yay! I could listen to music for *day*....

Tomorrow I get to teach about the stupidity of homophobia to my class. Rah. We've already touched on the subject briefly and I was not encouraged by their responses. Still, these kids are awfully broad-minded, there is hope. I wonder if I'm making any difference at all?

My Barnes&Noble order finally shipped. I should be getting "Banana Fish" volume 6 and "Cardcaptor Sakura" volume 6 any day now. Yay! I also went to the comics shop today and picked up a few titles.

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