April 11th, 2002


mmmm, chicken flour taquitos....

Well, yesterday I taught my last class. Aww, I'm going to miss the little basta-, um, I mean, the little angels. I gave them candy. *sigh* Oh well...

I finally mailed off my registration for Anime Expo and Comic-Con. Oh, and I signed up for the Writing Skills Requirement test, because Psychology majors have to take it before getting into any 400-level courses (And we're the only major that does. I wonder why?).

I'm going to dye my hair rainbow colors. It's decided. (But I've also decided to get a tattoo and I haven't yet, so...)

I'm enjoying Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban MUCH more than the second book. Oooh, and I read this wonderful fanfic! http://www.sabershadowkat.com/harrypotter/homework.html Gen, set post-GoF, focus on Draco, Harry a bit out-of-character, but understandably so. Pretty webpage design, too.

This makes me want to read the Vlad Taltos books again, even though I agree with everyone in saying how horrid those pictures are.

Banana Fish!
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Summer is here. It was really hot today. Ick.

Tonight in Crime we learned about drugs, pornography, and prostitution. You know, the fun stuff. Heh. I really like that class. Crime/Criminal Behavior and my Folklore class are my two favorites this semester.

Ran into the professor in charge of my research group in the parking lot tonight. She was suprised that I was still on campus, what with it being 9:30pm. She and some of the graduate students are going to be presenting our findings at the WPA conference this weekend. She tells me that my name will actually be on one of the papers (no for this conference, but for publication) as a contributor. Cool!

People are idiots. On my way home tonight this guy passed me on the freeway. He was obviously drunk -- weaving across three lanes. And on my way in, someone cut me off and someone else almost rammed me by coming up behind me too fast. Yes, some drivers are complete morons.

Hey, Alseides, want to go with me?
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alone on a swing

An American God (okay, so he's actually British.... but he lives here now, so it counts!)

Neil Gaiman is quite possibly the coolest guy on the internet. I cannot stress this enough. Heh.

"Information wants to be free!" ... ("No, that's pizza," I want to tell them. "Pizza wants to be free. Concentrate on liberating pizza from evil pizzerias. Information, on the other hand, really hates being free, and is never happier than when manacled to a wall, like Kirk and Spock in some piece of late 70s bondage-oriented slash fiction.")

And his comments on fanfic and slash in another post... priceless. Simply, wonderfully, amazingly, cool. Best blog on the net. http://www.neilgaiman.com
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