April 13th, 2002

alone on a swing

shower with a friend

My lab and my last class was cancelled yesterday (most of the Psych profs are off to the big conference down in Pasadena this weekend) so I got to go home three hours early. Yay!

Dad dropped by totally randomly shortly after I got home. He was surprised to find me at home. He asked if I wanted to go to Ojai with him right then. I said no. It was my free day! I feel guilty about it, though. We don't do enough together. Oh, and I told him that he bought me my birthday present the day before. He chuckled. I told him he bought me my ticket to Anime Expo. He said okay and handed me the money. Nice how that works out, eh?

Last night I went back to school for the Anime Club. Yay, anime! We watched an episode each of Fruits Basket, Full Metal Panic, Noir, Love Hina, and two episodes of Initial D, as well as an extra feature short called Tokyo Breakfast (not anime, but Japanese, and almost funny in a vaguely horrifying way), the first episode of Photon, and several anime music videos made by fans. I didn't get home until midnight! Whew, fun.

So, today at the aforementioned psychology conference, the graduate students and our professor/advisor/researcher should be presenting some of our findings. I hope it goes well for them.

I went to Alseides' house today after she came back from having her teeth pulled (ouch!) and we watched seven episodes of Trigun and talked and ate dinner and went out for ice cream and talked some more. I like my friends. ^_^

She gave me homework, though. Story challenges and goddess cards and the injunction to organize my story materials. Heh, I like this kind of homework! Unfortunately, I also have real homework to do this weekend (well, tomorrow... which is less than an hour away...), including several stats problems and LOTS of readings. Rah. Well, wish me luck!