April 24th, 2002

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Gagh. *whimper* No internet for two days. Sorry, not even going to try to respond to all back Friends post, though I will read them. My inbox is... scary.

So yesterday Dick (my car) did bad things again. Pissed me off royally. But Mark (!!!) fixed it for me. Hopefully. Maybe. I can dream.... If he hadn't gotten it working, I would have had to take the Metrolink to school today. It would have been okay since I'd be on a totally different line than the one that crashed, but it's still kind of freaky to think about anyway.

Watched the first four episodes of Angelic Layer yesterday. Cute! Funny, really bizarre hints of hentai. Liked.

AAAAAAaaaaaahhhhhhh, I missed Smallville!!!!! How could I!?! I totally forgot it was on tonight (I only remembered when I finally got internet back and read about it in someones lj... and it was already over... grrr...). And was Buffy the Vampire Slayer new?, 'cause I missed that, too. Oh, and I've just about given up on ever seeing an episode of Angel or Third Watch again. I just keep forgetting! The time gets away from me! Sucks. I WILL remember to watch The West Wing tomorrow, I *WILL*. Oh, and maybe Enterprise. Hopefully. If I remember that is. *Cloudie slaps herself*

In other news, I plotted out a long HP fanfic today when I should have been taking notes in class. I may actually write this one. I have scenes and dialogue and everything in mind. Like, radical dude! (That 80's moment was brought to you by The Girl Who Drank Pink and her trusty sidekick, Fluffy.)

Homework. Readings. Papers to write. Bleh.

Conversation with mum this evening about karma and existentialism, the meaning of dreams and childhood trauma. I love my mommy.

There's this chick in my Intercult Coms class that I want to slap silly. She is such a bitch! She totally disses me! She's a stuck-up Italian princess cheerleader-type. She just really rubs me the wrong way. And she has the same name as the girl I hated in my Girl Scout troop eons ago. Maybe she's the same person as that girl? Now that would certainly be something. Anyway, it's probably some deep-seated complex showing through, but I REALLY REALLY don't like this bitch. And I have to cooperate on an assignment with her. *bares teeth* Hissssss....

I want to see Akazukin Chacha. The main character sounds like an anime version of Harry Potter, except female. There's even a wizard school and an evil figure! Hm. And I want to see Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo, too. I like the mystery/detective genre of anime. ^_^ And more Puppet Master Sakon, of course. I like Sakon!

I think I'll stop now and go to sleep.
alone on a swing

to yodel is divine?

We discussed folkmusic and listened to some today in Folklore. I borrowed two CDs of Laura Love's music from the professor. I'm listenin to it right now as I'm entering data. "The Clapping Song (Featuring Sir Mix-A-Lot)" is rather weird. I like it! Her music combines African American, African, and Celtic traditions. Really cool.

We also listened to some of the "O Brother Where Art Thou?" soundtrack. It was okay. We listened to some other folk artists, too. I liked shape note/sacred harp music, which is odd since I'm usually into the wall-of-sound sort of stuff.

Life would be so much duller without music.
alone on a swing

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Ah, so cute, so cute! I like Angelic Layer! I just watched episodes 5 through 9. I like. ^_^ (Poor Oogato. Icchan-san punishes him really *ahem* creatively...)

Today, I finally finished entering all that data I've been working on for the past ten weeks. Yay! Over ten thousand data points... and it's all done! Woo hoo! Now I just have to like, help analyze it. Yippee!

One of my favorite episodes of Babylon 5 was on today and I got to watch it. And I watched an episode of Earth: Final Conflict, a show that I like but rarely catch any more. (Mark makes fun of me for watching it. He calls it the mime show. Grr.)

OOoohh, and I've found ten whole books to use for my paper on Inuit communication patterns. My cultural events paper is due tomorrow (I should start writing that...) and my last collection project is due on Friday. Whee, busy bee me!
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