April 26th, 2002

alone on a swing

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Well, internet connection was a bitch again last night, so I'm in the Collaboratory today to catch up on my virtual life. Heh. Oy, I'm such a loser.

Got to school early yesterday to write my cultural events paper in the lab. God, I love having an office! I think I'll have to stay with my research group next semester just so I have access to all their nifty resources. So anyway, I wrote the paper and then went to class and turned it in. Then I ditched Environmental Geology and went home and took a nap. Bad Cloudie, bad! I rarely ditch classes, but I NEEDED to sleep.

Criminology last night was all about criminal and juvenile courts procedures and corrections. I want to be a probations officer when I grow up! Whee! This guy asked me if my necklace was a druid pendant (it was that one with the two snakes twined around the orange jewel). Turns out he's a practicing druid. We had a very stilted conversation concerning paganism.

We started coding our surveys today in Soc Analysis. The ditzy professor made us listen to BORING freaking music. Yeesh. Turned in my collection project (I collected folk belief, specifically how among junior high school students in the late 50's and early 60's thought that "girls who wear pink and green on Thursdays are lesbians and girls who wear black and red on Fridays are whores" -- weird, eh?). We talked about foodways today and we'll be starting our discussions of American Gods next week. It's so cool that the professor assigned us a Neil Gaiman book!!!

I'm going to have to wait to finish reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire until after the semester is over because I have so much other stuff that I should be reading. Papers are coming due, finals are soon. Aw well, not really a hardship.

Alseides, I've been working on our story challenges. Oh, and I've thought up some goddesses for our cards. One thing: do I name the goddesses by myself, or do you want a say in it? And I'll see you tomorrow for our trip to Limited Too, right?