May 5th, 2002

alone on a swing

Happy Birthday To Me!

Well, that's it folks, I'm 21. Woo hoo!

So, to recap my birthday weekend. After school on Friday I went to Borders to pick up a present for April and then went to her birthday bash/pool party. I got prezzies, too! Tsarina gave me a mens work shirt with the GTE logo on it, Tori gave me a Star Wars coloring book, and Ginny gave me a Cardcaptors sticker book and volume 4 of Clover by CLAMP. Yay! I left early to have dinner with mom and Mark at an Italian restaurant. Then I went to my Anime Club. Whee, anime! I was invited to watch an Initial D-style street race through Topanga Canyon at 2am, but I was tired and went home instead. I kind of wish I'd gone, even though road racing is like, totally illegal and dangerous and scary. But still sort of cool...

Saturday, I went to see Spider-Man. GOOD MOVIE! I liked. Yay! Ate Greek food and watched anime with Al. Al also spiffied up my livejournal for me. Puuuuuuuuurrrrrrrty. For my birthday, Alseides gave me a pretty bracelet and volumes 3-5 of Yami no Matsuei in Japanese. I have translations from the internet so I can read them. Or, I can just look at the pretty pictures, too. Heh. Mom gave me a guitar (!!!!HAPPY!!!!) and a stack of old comics. My father paid for my ticket to Comic Con. Mark gave me 21 dollars. I also got some silly putty, a lightsaber keychain, a Spider-Man bobble-head (scary), and a plushie of Winnie the Pooh with a frog on his head (??? I think the frog is sucking out Winnie's brains...).


Today I have to *sigh* work on all those papers I have due next week. Ho hum.
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alone on a swing

Poetry hour #4

I started reading Lord Byron's poetry because of that episode of Highlander where he showed up as a character. Heh. Um.... Anyway, Darkness is my favorite poem by Lord Byron. I've memorized the first half of it. It's so... depressing. Yeah. The apocalypse rocks, baby!

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alone on a swing

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A long long time ago, as a young child, I read a story about a woman who wore a blue (I think it was blue) ribbon around her neck. She told her lover never to remove it. He did. Her head fell off. Or something like that. Does anyone know what this story is called, who wrote it, where I can find it, that sort of thing? I've been struck by an evil plot bunny wielding this story like an axe and I need to know what I'm stealing from so I can put it in the disclaimer. (Did any of that make sense?)