May 18th, 2002

alone on a swing

CD Jewel Cases... why are they called "jewel" cases? Just wondering.

I'm taking summer school. I've signed up for two classes. I had to drop one because it conflicts with my current scheduled finals. As it is, my Child Psych course starts next week, but I'll be missing the first day of class to take my Stats Med Psych Res final. Eek!

Yep, finals next week. Scaaaaaaarrry!

Last night was the last (well, not really) Anime Club meeting for this semester. Everyone brought food. I brought little sandwiches and there was also lots of other yummy food. I had fun! We watched the last episode of Initial D and the last two episodes of Love Hina. Great stuff.

In other news, I have most of my costume done for my cosplay of Milly Thompson. Now, with the help of my wonderful mommy, I just need to make her turquoise cape thingee. Am also looking into my RenFaire costume for this year.
alone on a swing

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Very cool. I used that random poem generator thing going around on my story It Was Fraser, In Chicago, With The Knife. I liked this one. Heh.

It was going to
know what Benton was showing, but
Benny seemed
be needed.
A hand on inner thigh.
I think he shook his
lover. Fraser was Ray
sighed Fraser was saying...
Do I need to
rise and threw the poor guy.