July 3rd, 2002

alone on a swing


The Smurfs. Jem. Rainbow Brite. Those and all the other cartoons I mentioned in my previous post. I miss them, I do. I was complaining about this to Mark. He says it's generational. He loves the cartoons from HIS childhood and remembers thinking how stupid MINE were when they were new. This very well could be so.

Some cartoons, however, bridge the generation gap. I mean, Bugs Bunny cartoons have been around since the 1930's and almost everybody still loves them. They're somehow not dated (even with the references to War Bonds and dead presidents and actors and such). Why do some cartoons survive and others go bust?

My theory is that cartoons that appeal to a wider age range than just children are the best, most famous, most long-lasting. Cartoons that parents can watch with their children, cartoons that they remember watching with their parents. Older Warner Bros. cartoons especially. These cartoons are still alive because they're so popular that they get repeated all the time on Cartoon Network.

I like watching cartoons, and not just for the nostalgia value. Do you?

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Today I: 1)Woke up around 6:30am, then went back to bed. 2)Woke up again around 9am, then went back to bed. 3)Finally got up around 10am and took a shower. 4)Lazed around reading short stories about vampires seeking blood and sex through the personal ads. 5)Went to the mall, tried to find stuff for cosplay, failed. 6)Went to work. 7)Picked up my paycheque (yay, money for Expo!). 8)Went to Alseides' house and looked up options for cosplay on the internet. 9)Was bullied into actually doing a costume. 10)Went to Joanne's with Alseides for three yards of gauzy purple material. 11)Took a fortuitous wrong turn and ended up at the Burlington Coat Factory, where I bought the rest of my costume, plus a really snazzy shiney black coat. 12)Dropped Alseides off at home. 13)Swung by the sisty's place to pick up the final element of my costume (a white dragon plushie). 14)Went home. 15)Watched the Dodgers game. 16)Ate taquitos. 17)Got on the computer, messed around with Neopets, e-mail, and livejournal.

That is all.

(Oh, and ya know how I've been saying I'm doing Millie Thompson from Trigun as my cosplay for AX? I lied. I'm actually doing Cho Hakkai from Gensoumaiden Saiyuki.)