July 15th, 2002



I have this overwhelming urge to write either Ray Kowalski in drag or Hermione Granger as a punk, possibly both.

Earlier today (technically, yesterday), I tried to write my part of "Sticks and Stones" -- that's the Ron/Draco story I'm writing with Alseides, if anyone cares. The mega-epic-long Ron/Draco that I'm writing by myself doesn't have a name yet. Anyway, I was trying to write it and then suddenly I'm writing this incredibly surreal original story. My main character is insane/hallucinating/doped up/enlightened/whatever. I think. It's... really really weird. How weird?

The final paragraph of my story, which I've titled "The Truth Will Set You":
I pondered his statement and shrugged, reaching up to pluck the donut hole from his left eye. I was chocolate glaze with raspberry goo filling -- my favorite. "Okay."

Hey, at least I'm actually writing. Getting the creative juices flowing here again since I'm not stressing under loads of school and work. But damn, this creative thing is scary shit if I start writing truly whacked out stuff like this. It was like I was channeling some crazy guru on acid or something. I fear this story won't put to rest any of the rumors that I'm a druggie.

Anyway, tomorrow I start writing Hermione as a punk. The Ray in drag thing has been percolating in the back of my mind for years and shows no sign of ever coming out, so I'll just let it be. But Hermione has only been in my head for a few months now and she's starting to get her rebel on. Anybody remember Rachel Summers, The Phoenix of Excalibur? I keep picturing Hermione like that. Weird, eh? But really, we don't know what Hermione is like over the summer when she's free of the stresses of Hogwarts and can let loose a little. She could be a punk. Wear a spiked dog collar, paint her fingernails sparkley black, cut her hair really short and dye and gel it, wear chains and a safety pin through her eyebrow...

Okay, I might be going a bit far, but a girl as repressed and responsible as Hermione is portrayed, she has to have at least some inclinations in that direction. A pressure valve or something. Or maybe I'm just projecting? I just don't think anyone can be as uptight all the time as Hermione is, no matter that she does get to let off steam with the endless antics of the Harry and Ron Vaudville Dangermen Act. Her role is to play the straight-man in their routine, but I think the girl does have a more wicked side which we barely get a glimpse at when she's breaking the rules, sneaking about, lying to teachers, etc. Maybe she only punks herself up in secret, listens to metal and screaming industral music in her own room, and longs to just let loose. But she's too invested in her image of the Good and Studious Girl, although sometimes she just wants to blow off all the homework.

Hmm, could be, could be. I think I could write a Hermione like this. I think I shall try, anyway.
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Damn. I feel totally inadequate. Alseides has finished the first part of "Sticks and Stones" and... wow. She ain't a Creative Writing Major for nothing, folks, that girl can WRITE! Whew. Hopefully this simple Psych Major can keep up with her.

And speaking of Psychology, we're starting the second phase of the religious out-group/in-group orientation study tomorrow. Hopefully I found enough resources for the grad student I'm assisting to get started. The abstracts have already been submitted to the WPA for next year's conference. Yay, research!

But I think I'm tired of social psych research. I want to study more of the biological aspects of behavior, especially deviant behavior. You know, neuroscience and stuff. Next semester I might try to get into one of the labs that deal with that sort of thing. I love the lab I'm working for now, but social surveys can only excite me so much.