July 29th, 2002


Damn you Vanilla Coke, damn you to Hell!

See, the grocery store gave out free samples the other day. And tonight I went to the grocery store and bought two bottles. Fuck, I have fallen for a blatant marketing ploy. But it's sooo yummy, and sooooo bad for me...

Erm, anyway. Today I verified over one hundred lines of data. Go me! I survived this tediously mind-numbing task and I don't even get my paycheque until after Comic Con. *sigh* My bank account is horribly bare, especially after paying for my half of the hotle room.

I'm really really tired. Long day, I guess. I think I'll go to sleep now, which is like, weird, because I usually stay up MUCH later than this. I shall dream happy dreams about Comic Con and try not to think about driving all the way to San Diego in my shiney new car.