July 30th, 2002


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Yikes! I just jumped a foot off my chair. Space Shuttle Main Engine test. The noise of it rumbles across the valley, shaking windows. First thought was that it was an earthquake, but then I recognized it. I went outside to look at the smoke. Most of the time, the tests are small and short, but this was a loud, long one. Very neat.

I grew up knowing all about the space program. My father is a big-wig with NASA. Space is in my blood. I cried when I saw a shuttle launch in person, I cried when they launched in the movie Apollo 13. The wonder of space travel, our triumphs, our audacity to try -- it gets me every time. While I was momentarily startled, I feel privilaged to know first-hand that we're still trying.
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random shit (part 1)

I was looking for the phone number of this girl I knew a few semesters back, see, and so I went looking through all my little notebooks full of quotes and interesting things and story ideas and little reminders to myself and poems and other random things. I went all the way back to 1997 looking through these notebooks, remembering my life. These notebooks give a peak inside my mind. Anyway, I never did find the phone number, but I thought I'd start typing some of this stuff up. Just because. (it's actually more for my reference than anything)

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