August 8th, 2002


Heh. Um...

Sorry to oshunanat and guingel for bugging out on you so fast in AIM tonight (actually, yesterday now)!!! Please forgive me. I was on AIM trying to get ahold of Oshun for eyebrow piercing advice for Sha, who bought a new thingee today and wanted to put it in. See, Sha, Mark, and I went to Universal Studios today. We did a few rides and then met my mom for dinner at a restaurant on Citywalk. Fun, but tiring. There were a lot of people there.

Anyway, Sha bought new eyebrow piercings and she wanted them in NOW. But we couldn't figure it out, so we went in search of a tattoo/piercing parlor to help out. We didn't find the one we were searching for, so we went to the infamous Charlie's House of Tattoos. Where we decided to actually get tattoos. They wouldn't do Sha, though, as she's only fourteen. But they'd do me. And they did.

I have a tattoo!!! It's of a spider on the back of my neck. It actually didn't hurt at all. Cool, eh?
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    Frank Zappa was playing while I was tattooed.