August 19th, 2002


Suiteki de atama ni anao akararete iru yona kokoromochi deshta.

I was almost sent into a deep, spiraling depression when I noticed that Starkiller had deleted her journal but then....

Anyway, today I went mini-golfing with oshunanat and then shopping, followed by watching Fellowship of the Ring again (RANDOM HOBBIT!). Strangely, combined with the lingering question of "Do Balrogs have wings?", seeing the movie again has made me want to take a crack at reading the book, or at least the Mines of Moria scenes. I'm too scared to, though. Them books are damn dense!

I should have also gone to work today, but I was bad and didn't. Bad me! But I wanted dinner at home. Yummy stew. I also took a LONG nap, which is why I'm up at this very late/early time.

Finished The Hercules Text, Jack McDevitt's first novel. Like most of this books, the ending is just kind of left hanging. I mean, he builds up this wonderfully intriguing plot, a cosmic mystery, gradually increasing the tension, with wonderful characterization and a profound understanding of human psychology, and then it just... stops. But somehow he makes it work. Mark and I had a long debate about the more interesting points McDevitt brings up in the book. In the story, we receive an alien signal that reveals to us the secrets of the universe. Is this a good thing? Yes! NO. Maybe? Conclusion: It could be, if used properly, but we're only human. Anyway, I liked it.

Forgot to mention that I borrowed the complete set of I My Me! Strawberry Eggs from a fellow Clubber on Friday, so youse all can add that to my list of anime I'm willing to spread around. Great series. I mean, it has a crossdressing teacher, what's not to love!?

Oh, right, Oshun wanted the link to the insanely funny HP story my last post was about. Heheheh. Damn, just thinking about it brings a grin to my face. I dig the angsty ones, but sometimes humor is the BEST! Here! Go read! Right now!

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I have finally figured it out! If it's 11pm where I live, then it's 4pm the next day where Starkiller lives! (I, um, think.) At the exact same time! Time zones are weird.

Worked late tonight. Came home when my fingers started punching the wrong buttons. But! I got a class and a half of data entered! Now just seven and a half more to go, and then I start on my next data set... *sigh*

For some reason, my school has given me Senior standing. Eep! Um, considering the number of classes I have yet to take to fulfill my Majors requirements, how can they do that? Do they really expect me to graduate in two semesters? If so, they better let me take more units!

Tomorrow I'll post pictures. Pictures of what, you ask? Well, pictures from Anime Expo over a month ago, pictures from Comic Con a few weeks ago, scans of pretty things I bought at both, the like. And if I do, and since she now has her computer back in okay shape, I expect Alseides to do the same. Reciprocity, that's the ticket! In fact, I'll even work on finishing the first bit of the Ron/Draco tomorrow! I have goals, see! (And I must complete them before school starts next week or they're going to go flying out the window.)

My favorite online radio station has gone pay-only. :-(

The anime, it calls to me, but alas, I am too tired so I must go to bed... Wait, Witchblade is on!