August 20th, 2002

alone on a swing

things that amuse me

At Comic Con a few weeks ago, I saw these two guys with absolutely fabulous t-shirts. The first one was professionally printed. It had a picture of Superman trying to kiss Dick Tracy on it. The caption said "Clark wants Dick. Dick wants condoms." Cloudie wants that shirt. Hehehehe. The second guy was wearing a shirt on which he'd written in permanent marker. On the back in large letters was the word "Yaoi" and around it were written various pairings like "Heero/Duo" and "Ranma/Ryoga" and the like. At the bottom was written "Me/You?" Heh, cheeky little gay boi.

As I've mentioned before, my parents saw fit to bless me with more than my fair share of names. It can be a pain when a form demands my FULL name, since it come out to 37 letters, 16 syllables, and 6 names. Anyway, someone once asked me about my twin sister. He'd heard someone address me by one name but he knew me by another. I still get a little chuckle out of that one.

Although still somewhat incredulous over the entire matter, I still grin over the fact that a bunch of people apparently think I'm a druggie. I mean, sheesh, I've NEVER been into that sort of thing. The closest I get is caffeine.

Speaking of which, caffeine is a diuretic. Yes, caffeine makes you need to piss. I find that exceptionally funny.

One of my finest moments in high school, one I'm still proud of, was my response to some malicious teasing I was subjected to one afternoon. I was walking through the parking lot after school. There was a couple wasting time by the cars and in an apparent attempt to impress his girlfriend, the guy asked me if I had a boyfriend. Now, you must realize that I was (and am) a total nerd and he obviously thought he knew the answer was no. I totally flabbergasted him with my reply, and I'll take the stunned looks on their faces to my grave with glee. I said, "No, but I do have a girlfriend, and I bet she kisses much better than yours." Heh.

Angel. Just seeing her running in circles, wiggling the whole back half of her body to wag her tail, hearing her yipping, makes me laugh. She's adorable, too cute for words, and slightly neurotic.

Yes, these things and many more amuse me. Things I read, things people do, things I see, and random thoughts in my head amuse me. I'm often to be heard chuckling to myself. Right now I'm feeling particularly fine about matters. ^_^
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