August 23rd, 2002


pretty things all in a row

Okay, just FINALLY caught up reading Friends entries and can now post my own. Whew!

I have too many .mp3s from clefnote to look through. Wow.

Had a lovely time on AIM with Starkiller Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Then woke up early yesterday to go to Disney's California Adventure with sisty and her brats. I had fun, although it was very very tiring. The best part was the "Soaring Over California" ride (I wanted to go on it again and again and again, it was SO cool!) and Blast!, a stage show where people play marching band instruments and dance around at the same time, forming complex patterns and totally fabulous music. It was great!

I haven't decided whether to go to work or not this evening. I'm still recovering from yesterday. I mean, I should finish my project before school starts on Monday, but... eh. Don't wanna. They're not even paying me anymore!

I am debating spending money. Should I buy the Vividcon 2002 collection of songvids? The more I think about it, the more I think nay. Okay, that's out, so should I buy the first season Due South DVD collection? I mean, DUE SOUTH, yay! I could. I should. I probably will. Ah, and Kodocha finally has more of Puppet Master Sakon, so I'll probably end up ordering that, too. (I need a job that'll keep paying me!)

I'm also debating with myself on should I go to the big party tomorrow or not? Nobody wants to go with me, but I'd know almost everyone there anyway, but I think I'd still feel uncomfortable without the moral support of at least one close friend. *sigh* Maybe, maybe not.

Hey, that's a book I like!

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