August 25th, 2002


rambling over VERY IMPORTANT THINGS (or not)

Welp, I finally picked up my books today. Stupid fucking things cost half as much as my tuition. Showed them to mum and Mark, and we tried to self-diagnose our various problems as all my books are either Psych or Crim this semester. Fear my head-shrinking skillz!

Made chocolate chocolate chip cookies. Yummy, taste like fudge. Glad I remembered how, as I've not done it in several months -- perhaps not in over half a year.

My schedule for the coming semester is fucked up every which way till Sunday. Classes at odd times, parking is going to be a bitch, I'll be away from home more than I want waiting for classes to start or end. It's all PSY 370L's fault. They scheduled that stupid fucking class at a VERY bad time. And the professor writes self-help books. *sigh*

I don't know why I'm in a bad mood right now. I wasn't just a few minutes ago. And hell, I LIKE college!

Jumping track now.

I really really liked the television show Brimstone. A lot. It was uber cool! I mean, what's not to like about an undead cop who works for Satan tracking down escaped damned souls? Loved that show. Really really wished it hadn't been cancelled. Really really wish there was more fic written for it. I think once, oh, several years ago, I read a crossover with Brimstone and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I think I remember liking it. I think it was about Zeke tracking down Angel to send him back to hell and Willow becoming the Devil's daughter instead. I want to read that again, but I don't think it was slash, so I wouldn't even know where to start to look.

On the plus side, the happy coinky-dink of Lionel Luthor in Smallville being played by the same actor who played Satan in Brimstone has made for some really cool recent crossover fics between the two shows.

I like crossovers. I know some people have objections to them, but I sure don't. I think at least half of the fanfics I've personally written are crossovers. I just like the different characters interacting with each other. Crossovers make me happy. I still want someone to write a crossover between Witchblade and Andromeda. Beka as the bearer of the Witchblade is COOL!

Speaking of, I managed to watch three episodes of Witchblade today, bringing the total number of this season's episodes that I watched up to five. Woo, go me! Considering I seem to be having trouble watching television lately, this is a good thing. I musn't forget to watch the season finale tomorrow.

Switching back to my original track now.

I've gone "no mail" on a couple of lists in preparation for the new semester. I anticipate a lot of my time and energy being taken away from the internet because of school and work.

My nap time this coming semester is going to be severely cut into.