September 8th, 2002

alone on a swing

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Sometimes I am convinced that the universe has a sense of humor. Or is, at least, aware of me and what I'm doing and everything. Before this weekend, I'd never even heard of a street named Halstead. But yesterday I had to find it to meet up with everybody before the party. So today I'm reading this Due South fanfic (yeah, yeah, I should be doing homework, so sue me) and a street named Halstead is mentioned. Weird. Weird weird weird. Like, have you ever thought of somebody and a minute later the phone is ringing and you answer it and it's them? Or you and one of your closest friends receive the same obscurely funky stuffed toy for Christmas one year? Or you happen to mention this guy you knew from back in the day to your new boyfriend and he turns out to be best friends with the guy? Life is weird.
alone on a swing


The game was fun, but it had a bad moment. Dodgers pitcher Kazuhisa Ishii was hit by a line drive and got a small skull fracture. They say he should be okay though. Also, the Dodgers lost to the Astros, 6-2. But! I got a baseball cap.