September 23rd, 2002


Geez, you miss a weekend and it takes FOREVER to read your Friends list.


Okay, Al, I took the test. I'm actually kind of surprised by my outcome.

Omae wa dochira juunishi no MEMBAA desu ka?

I took a nap today. It was bittersweet. I know I won't have time to take any other naps this week. Oh sweet afternoon sleep, how I miss thee!

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I finished reading Crystal Line today, the last of Anne McCaffrey's Crystal Singer books. I'm now considering reading her Brain Ship books, or at least my favorite ones, The Ship Who Searched and The City Who Fought. Or maybe I'll actually do the reading I need to for school. *shrugs*

Snape/Harry story stalled! Send chocolates!

I really need to get red suspenders. I shouldn't wait till the last minute like the last costume. I shouldn't.

Mark made cake tonight. It smelled yummy. I wanted cake. Then Mark told me that the cake was for mummy to take to work. I wanted cake! Mummy said no. Then cake wouldn't come out of pan and Sock-It-To-Me cake became Socked-In-The-Face cake, all broken and crumbly. So I got cake. Yay!

Tomorrow, both Smallville and Buffy the Vampire Slayer have their season premiers. Unfortunately, I have class until 10pm tomorrow so I won't make it home until a half hour after Smallville ends. I'll not get to watch either of these shows until December. Oh well. I have Wednesday evenings free, though, so I suppose I could watch Enterprise. If I remember to watch anything at all, that is. *sigh* I miss Witchblade.

Friday night I finally went to Liquid Cube. Stayed up WAY late chatting. Hee. Saturday night I babysat my sisty's kids. They actually left me alone to read comics while they watched television, which was nice, but then it took two hours to convince them to go to sleep. I don't want to have children. Sunday I did nothing. Today I went to school.
alone on a swing

I like this. I giggled. Maybe you will, too. (And go read his books!)

My Girlfriend is a Pagan
by Steven Brust
(Works to "The Yellow Rose of Texas")

My girlfriend is a Pagan, she don't believe in Christ.
Theologically suspect, but in practice rather nice.
She's been teaching me her favorite fertility rites.
And every time I learn one, I yell out, "Jesus Christ!"

My girlfriend is a Pagan, I truly have been blessed.
I don't mind the pentagrams, or the lack of rest.
We've been doing all we can to see the crops don't fail;
If when I die I meet with Pan I'll shake him by the tail.

My girlfriend is a Pagan, I guess she is a witch.
She prays to her Goddess while wearing not a stich.
She says incense and crystals give her mystic energy,
And she has to use it somewhere, which works out best for me.

My girlfriend is a Pagan, who could ask for more?
At the altar she's a heathan, in the bedroom she's just fine.
I'm happy as a pig in shit, what more can I say?
My girlfriend is a Pagan, and I'm learning how to pray.

(c) 2002 by Steven Brust
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Some things are so utterly cool they defy analysis. Such as this. A Japanese techno writer wrote:

Kenji Siratori

[the parasite=bodies of cold-blooded disease animals of artificial sun to the vital reaction that exploded clone-dive....our picture-gene....cruel body inside of SODOM dashes. Symbolic nude>>be ill-treated to the internal organ consciousness of a dog and noise....] raise [volume!--]
[modification mode].
The acoustic device of lonely masses of flesh is break down--our brain rapes the vital icon that was input geometrical hatred. The crazy machine=angel of script=several yourself of suicide like....I invade....the random internal organ consciousness of a dog is reset and escape. With parasite=MHz that artificial sun....body_omotya made enlarged....++the hearing of myself contacts the DIGITAL=bad mark of the cold-blooded disease animals that was done_scribe to the cable of the coil=heart, plain murder circuit, brain weather=machine=angel of boy_roid that dashes...."continent of a dog strips--gene=TV is secreted--" the machine=angel who mutated to [the brain of myself concatenates....I suck the atmosphere, the control external that reset/proliferate to the murder circuit of the artificial sun]....
Nude VTR.
....of the masses of flesh@scream that link to hyperreal internal organ consciousness_quiesces....the replication channel of ecstasy. To the brain of a dog the existence=modes of the storage....homosexual mankind of the air-lines that was done is broken hacking that releases <> and invade in pill form mars of adrenalin.

The ganglion of desire be rendered the emotion of yourself be reset to the software that fear=cell was supposed so like the vital icon_junk....only that enumerate control external masses of flesh to the inorganic substance murder system of boy_roid. TOKAGE of emotional=anal of soul/grams. Nanonoid of the brain of myself that communicates to the planet of
FUCKNAM....! I invade the reaction-speed of chemical masses of flesh>>the psite soul/gram_synchro- to the respiratory organs that abolished nude machine=angel fucker plug-in. that was punctured is measured the brain of a
dog with clone MHz of vital-anal. ....murdering the childish mode of the mutant that collides with the drug=site of ToKAGE the machinary emotion of the dog of myself resuscitates.

....I reproduce our hyperreal replication=love 01 in the pupil of the dog that filled to the city=circuit of cadaver-feti so.

To the murder region of wolf=space the hydro=mania_functions.
:asphalt_inoculated--clone-dive to the internal organ consciousness of the insanity--dog that artificial sun dashes. The crime technology of the body of yourself_converges//the soul/gram of a dog junk. The brain of yourself that beats is dismantled "the wolf=space of the....technocrisis that holds the boundless wild fancy of the artificial sun and weaken to catastroph of boy_roid. And the abolition cable of a vital=plug the emotional script like the dog of myself, that inputs the body of ToKAGE operated....with acid=VTR of the machine=angel that forgot condom love!

"the living body without the level of yourself_plug....SWASTIKA of sleep=of=the code. The joint area which the cadaver city where gene=TV streams hydromachine of the scream grow thick. I murder control external masses of flesh righteously" "a cold-blooded disease...."

"the brain cell of a dog explodes to asphalt. I suck the continent-device of the internal organ consciousness that coexisted...."....a nude vital=plug is replicated to the internal organ consciousness that asphalt awoke. The eyeball of yourself that does_vagus in the cadaver city the breakdown of the brain of earthworm::so that it was jointed in the rape state to the artificial sun was controlled-inhabits to the body circuit of the hydro=mania that lost cable....a suspected vital parameter. [[we are parasitic on the suicide circuit of boy_roid....becomes a noisy pig so....

Output by a thinking impossible miracle. The existence of the random number.

The brain of the dog is committed. The body=scanner. ....boy_roid that joints to the artificial sun dashes of masses of flesh suicide circuit that hung up. The immortality cycle of the latency_cadaver city.... Replicating the picture-group that gene=TV was hyper-controlled to the crazy nervous system of the vagina discharge....techno-junkie of an ant I rape the masses of flesh of function deficiency among in the internal organ level which the drug embryo exploded....the waste material sickness of yourself. "....the original body of ToKAGE to the hyper-link=stratosphere of the drugy artificial sun_switch so. Continent of where soul/gram discharges in the city where degraded...." the medium=fuck. Severance. ....the plug of a cadaver does the worldly desires. Latent in the channel state----fills to the body fluid of a dog....the mimicry of the hydro=mania. Artificial sun is latent, on the technocrisis plane of body_omotya where it was recorded by the fear=cell that fellow etc. murder the mass of flesh that was streamed....++"

The drug embryo conquers with the eyeball mode that got deranged.... "masses of flesh function....restrain the dash sense of the script=larva....desire in the atrocious future that accelerates to the internal organ consciousness of a dog cruelly! Love fuck!....being covered the mass of flesh of boy_roid that analyzes the vital ecstasy that mutated to <> I disappear to the that brain universe. Operate the womb=language! All the cancellation-- that were hyper-controlled by the zero=picture group of the drug embryo.

*our microseism....pupil of the world that was jointed to adrenalin does technocrisis wolf=space cranch. The narcotic body of gene=TV imprisoned "body_omotya of myself to the rave circuit of a vital icon to the transfer circuit that cadaver city was isolated....<>--I trace the cadaver city of upside-down with high speed feti. Self is replicated....the rape scene in the era of the picture that respires the artificial sun of boy_roid to the TOKAGE=region of the soul/gram that was notified by the waste material thinking of the digestive fluid--as if I reproduce. It exists--a certain kind of drugy passage point of the suspected vital body of yourself. --the genome=rotor of ToKAGE. The functional murder of the soul/gram that was done junk to the chemical mass of flesh cable of an ant LOAD.... Accelerate the murder vector of the artificial sun:a vital plug that NDRO of death hyper-links to road that lost! Like the nervous system that was jointed sexually the homosexual....our VTR suck the mass of flesh of a
cold-blooded disease.
Picture fucker of gene=TV] being covered general body fluid that techno-junkie does the worldly desires to the cable of the cadaver city. The rhythm of a larva is discharged to the spermatozoon circuit that weakened. Despair machine of which dashes to the body of the gay....>>to control external that accelerates the party=device of the drug embryo
confusedly the mass of flesh mode that contaminated....the hydro=mania who bounces be the ill-treatment medium that artificial sun inhabits to the internal organ consciousness of the dog that committed suicide body=derangement, of the asphalt that notifies it. _joints to the brain universe=plug....confused body system of ToKAGE that respired the nightmare
of the cyber nature of boy_roid to the hybrid era....

LOAD. Our plain heart....brain cell is trodden down to road of the dog that revealed the technocrisis....I murder the inhabitant system of the eyeball in the infection area of the fear=cell. It springs. The hunting for the grotesque territory of the human body hacking.... The electron state=pill. Everyone inoculated the screen--the animal decay map of artificial
intelligence. It accelerates in a vital=condom the nerve fiber of myself burn up....did the cadaver city_digital=vamp "so....drug embryo of accurate malice by"=the sex-rebellion medium of the vital=plug that was close to the hearing of myself.... eleven of----

"like the heart without the modem that was dismantled by the brain of a pig" "it respires=expand the internal organ of yourself to the cyber map of the technocrisis...." the balloon of the mass of flesh. The body of the rape streaming....drug embryo of the soul/gram that joints to the hydro=mania of a dog contracts. To sudden discharge cable....control external of the city that the cadaver of the replicant secretes to the head line of the girl that was done fuck so like the chromosome that does <> rave. ....the abolition function that boy_roid accelerates the nude picture that sucks a nude picture. It bounces with a grotesque committed to "the murderous picture of an ant--" "our body_omotya!-with 0 mg of brain that was jointed in the cadaver city...." "resuscitate=the centipede=boy"

The escape impossible cable of body_omotya does rave in the high speed area of myself! Stimulating the cold-blooded disease of the parasite=picture....artificial sun of the cadaver city I abolish the body function of nude input--myself. The speed of a dog. The malice that annihilates....boy_roid that was jointed to the external control of gene=TV does to direct suck=blood [so--elasticity with like the eyeball-node of the waste material inclination of wolf=space....a gel form womb area machine. A thinking impossible input area reality--and body-tube_digital=vamp of boy_roid explodes....over there the vital reaction of ....hangs up:the ecstasy that boy_roid of brain cell=asphalt was sucked. The dog of road_fuck//the storage of murder simulates the parasite cruel medium of the artificial sun....nude planetary....:the escape of masses of flesh impossible_synchronizes alone).

[I am murdered....the sun the thinking of myself bouncing artificial to the body of the technocrisis to the brain of the dog that joints in the continent of a dog outputs the vital=plug that went mad//....the artificial sun of the hydro=mania that inhabits to the hyperreal respiratory organs of a dog so switch. The lonely brain....joints....the masses of flesh that are
split and screw the awakening of soul/gram that sprang to medium=drive that was imprisoned. The sensor highway of myself the machine=angel of an ant disappears.

LOAD with crazy head....
>>the digital=vamp brain cell, the plentiful fear of myself that do to the body fluid of a dog LOAD stream in the vagina opening department of the city.... To the boys of the hydro=manias who accomplished direct joint to the air gun....the pure white world respires era....the existence line of the artificial sun that thinks about........>>the internal organ consciousness that cold-blooded disease animals hyper-linked so is turned over be murdered....the nude raw=modem of the cadaver city that is jointed to the synthesis war of masses of flesh:the homosexual device of boy_roid and stream the block of the scream. The derangement cock.... The rape=beat of picture group--yourself of gene=TV that bites off the tongue! The lapse of memory of yourself that does the head line of Level 0 of the wolf=space that resuscitates to digital junk>>the storage element of the machine=angel that I was murdered is opened to the crimson eyes of the hatred....synapses of the body fluid that quantified to the heart of ToKAGE suck=blood....

....:bounces like the brain cell of boy_roid that I suck to the noisy existence of body_omotya that does clone-dive to the escape screen....masses of flesh of....the mobile body fiber of disgrace territory....>>yourself does 1 mg of brain of a dog_digital=vamp. It inputs to road that links to the software of the bare feet and the cadaver city weakened:"a signal---
It accelerates. The vital icon of myself that weakened.... The volume of a homosexual mass of flesh to the streaming=dogs of the scream which we expanded the beat-region of the brain....cadaver city that absorbs and flow.
I awake---