October 6th, 2002


"Dammit Dylan, I'm an engineer not a babysitter!"

That line SO had me cracking up. And seriously, Beka and Try under fire and running through the hallways exchanging witty repartee, particularly the part where Beka was listing job alternatives and Tyr said something like "and yet you're still here" and they exchanged these LOOKS? Neato! Nifty, very nifty. Also, Harper's lame card tricks. Heh.

Actually, I didn't get to watch the whole episode, as I was taking care of the kids. But what I saw was fun. (I need to watch more Andromeda episodes. Except Saturdays are usually full and I tend to never watch things that I tape. Hmm.)

Yesterday I went to Borders to order Mars (vol. 1) and Paradise Kiss (vol. 2) and ended up buying two books by Connie Willis, To Say Nothing of the Dog and Dooms Day Book. I REALLY enjoyed Bellwether and these look awesome, too. I mean, time travel is COOL. Plus, Willis is a fabulous author. She has the awards to prove it, too.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY tossblack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!