October 10th, 2002

alone on a swing

twenty sentences (or sentence fragments)

Birds of Prey last night was okay. I like the comic better, though.

Why has the Sarah St. Cats lj disappeared? I thought it was cute.

I have a midterm in half an hour. I probably haven't studied enough but I can't seem to care.

I have surmounted the block to my HP/SS challenge story. I think it'll be alright.

Why do I seem to always have overdue library books? It's like a law of nature.

Helpline training tonight. I hope they don't keep us as long as they did last week!

Meeting with 321 research partner tomorrow morning. Eh, whatever.

Anime Club tomorrow. I must burn a whole bunch of CDs tomorrow to prepare for it.

I forgot to charge my cellphone last night. Oh well, hope no one wants to call me.

I hate how my right braid is always longer than the left. Grr.
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