November 18th, 2002

alone on a swing

You've got lips of cherry chrome, I've got a heart that's made of stone.

What's your sexual appeal?

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I got my abstract submitted! I dance on the graves of puny WPA paperwork, they are vanquished! Squished!!!! Yes! Ha!!! I even got it all put together FIFTEEN WHOLE MINUTES before the deadline. Am I good or what!?!

Which leaves me tomorrow and Wednesday to chose a topic, do all the research, write the paper, and figure out what I'm doing for the oral <---all for my Behavior Disorders class, this term paper having been put off until now. Oh yeah, I can feel the burn, baby! Give it to me hard! I can take it! Grr, I am strong and SHALL have it done in time!

*pant pant*
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