November 21st, 2002

alone on a swing

writing Harry Potter

I finished my Snape/Harry story today. I finished it, and then started writing something which I suspect is Ron/Harry, but which is right now mostly a Drunken!Ron drabble. Then, in a fit of insanity, I signed up to write Lucius/Hooch het-smut. Fear me. I'll also be finishing "Sticks and Stones" by myself. Eventually.

I have this oddly sinking feeling that my writing will taper off once the semester is over. I really do write best in class when I should be taking notes.

Anyway, I really really REALLY need to type up the finished Snape/Harry to send to the lovely beta goddess so I can post it before the deadline. Yes.
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Whoa, that's pretty fast, dude!

One TeraFlops (TFLOPS) is a term for a trillion floating-point operations per second. "Tera" is a prefix for one trillion (ten raised to the twelfth power).

There's a computer called the Earth Simulator that can run at 35.86 TeraFlops. It's actually 640 supercomputers networked together, but Earth Simulator works as one computer. It's the fastest one there is.

Can you imagine that? I really can't.