December 15th, 2002


Tamashii no Kokyokyoku rocks!

Must. Finish. Story. Due in less than six hours. Gagh, it's K/S and I didn't sign up for it but I'm a nice person and said I'd do it anyway when list-runner-person made a mistake and added me to that pairing/date challenge.

WAIT! I just had a brilliant inspirational-type thingee! YES! Okay, I know what Spock is getting Jim for Christmas! Whoo hoo!

In other news, much fun was had by me with tossblack earlier today. We rock hardcore with the world-building! Also, much fun was had by me with tossblack's mum at the library booksale, and also with the decorating. Oh, and yummy dinner. That all made up for driving all the way to school and lugging around a bag full of heavy textbooks and then finding out that the fucking store was closed and I couldn't get rid of the danged things!

alone on a swing

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Online comic overload... I have been reading webcomics for the last five hours. Al, this is all your fault for making me vote for your comic and then making me following all those wonderful little banner links all round and around looking at the pretty artwork with gods and furries and spiffy pregnant spider-ladies and ghosts and other pretty winged bishies. Wheeeee~!

Okay, I seem to have officially gotten back into webcomics. *sigh* Hours and hours gone...