January 18th, 2003


Yay, I'm a Hobbit!

So which LOTR woman are you? Hmm??

made by Michelle at EmptySpace.

I think the Hobbits are my favorite characters. Yeah, elves cool, men nifty, dwarfs bad-ass, but Hobbits... fun people! Know how to party! But still a stay-at-home lot, sort of like me (although I do want to travel, guess I'm a Bilbo-like Hobbit).

I am slowly but surely giving into the enevitable. I'm caving. I'm going to have to read the LotR books. *sigh* My mum (and tossblack) may never let me live it down...
alone on a swing

The Great Big List of Comics I've Saved to My "Favorites"

Why did I do this? Because I didn't feel like doing anything else today. I have a headache and feel just generally "blah" right now. How long did it take me to do this? You don't really want to know.

Some of the following list I don't read regularly anymore. Some I don't actually remember ever reading. Some I read all the time and adore. The ones I REALLY recommend I've starred (*). So. There you go.

Dicebox - Pretty artwork! Has potential to develop into a truly interesting story. Want more.
Absurd Notions - Geek comic. Computer and RPG geek, that is. This comic has been running for YEARS, so it goes pretty far. Havn't been that into it recently, though.
Alice Comics.com - Several comics by the same person. "Alice!" is the best of these, but the others are good, too.
Annie the Hardcore Gamer - A cool geek comic, video game focus. Fun.
*Anti-Bishie - This one is a hoot! Love it, wish it updated more frequently. Anime and yaoi fans, check it out!
Arcana - Pretty!! Cute angsty bishonen! Shonen ai! PRETTY!!!
Be Mine - Cute shojo manga-style comic. Highschool romance stuff, done really well.
Blue Canary - An okay comic, but disappointing because it ended right in the middle of things and is almost never updated.
*Boy Meets Boy - The superstar of slashy webcomics. For a reason, it's really really good. Daily updates, wonderful characters, good artwork. Fun all the way through.
Bunny Extreme - Violence! Nice artwork. Violence! Characters that are... interesting. Violence! Kinda creepy. Did I mention the violence?
Comics.com - Professional comics that are published in actual newspapers. Here, for your view pleasure.
Ctrl+Alt+Del - Geek comic, video gaming nihilistic college students. Yeah, a bit derivitive, but fun if you like that sort of thing. Good artwork.
Diesel Sweeties - Geek humor, hard to get into or understand sometimes. Weirdness. Robots. Robot-love. An okay comic, although I've pretty much stopped reading it.
Dooti & Evel - Drugs, apathetic gay sex, cosplaying drug-dealing mothers. The story is a bit disjointed, but you can figure out most of it. The art is really good, too.
Electric Sheep Comix - A whole bunch of experimental comics by the same guy. They're not exactly strips. Some have flash animation. Some are really good, some are just so-so. Check out "Apocamon"!
Exploitation Now! - Funny. Good artwork, breaks the fourth wall all the time, claims to not have a plot.
Fans! - A great geek comic with LOTS of in-jokes for science fiction fans. Trekkies will adore this comic.
Fate Martyr Sapheire - A wonderfully drawn fantasy comic with interesting characters and a highly imaginative premise. Unfortunately, it's stopped updating.
Framed! - Very interesting comic, premise being the artist created a wacky universe and then trapped some of his friends in it. Kinda cool. Pretty good art.
Funny Farm - Furry comic. Real world problems and out-there weirdness dealt with by funny characters.
*Geek Rock - Geeks trying to be rockstars. Many in-jokes for sci-fi fans. Trekkies! It's scary how much I identify with these characters. Heh.
General Protection Fault - Long-running computer geek comic. I never got fully into it, but it's fun.
Ghastly's Ghastly Comic - Um, it's truly horrible that I find this funny. I mean, tentacle mosters! Ew!
Gundam Wing: Endless Fuel - A sprite comic done by a friend of mine using Gundam sprites. Weird, but nifty.
how loathsome - Unfinished comic book that takes a look at the S&M scene and the gay psyche. (Have to buy it in stores to get the full story.) Really quite good.
RPG World - Parody of RPGs and how they work. Fun!
In A Perfect World - Furry comic, cute premise. Love between a dragon and a wolf, both male, and how they deal with relatives and pregnancies and life's daily grind.
M.A.C. Studios - Another comic about twentysomething guys who like video games, comics, and art. Yeah.
*Magical Boys - A beautiful manga take-off on Magic Knights Rayearth, except better. Love this one. Awesome artwork, lovely story. Fantasy and fun!
MegaTokyo - The Grand Master of all anime and gaming comics. Excellent art, funny and fun story, very nifty characters. You probably already read this.
*Mixed Myth - A new favorite of mine, this is a fantasy comic with very spiffy art and a wonderful story. Gotta love the characters (a goblin-elf, a selkie-werewolf, a pooka, and a sphinx)! Very nicely realized world.
Motel Dystopia - A normal guy gets trapped in a motel for the undead. Funny stuff.
Neko the Kitty - CUTE kitty, cynical kitty-thoughts. It's a hoot!
Nowhere Girl - An online comic about a suicidal lesbian chick. Nice story.
Penny Arcade! - The best of the "two-guys-who-play-videogames" genre. Really, it's a genre! Over-the-top gaming geekiness with uber-spiffy art.
Real Life - An okay comic, similar to a lot of others, good art. Just okay.
*Saturnalia - Lovely comic with wonderful characters and a fascinating plot. Set in a Blade Runner-like future world. Great artwork.
Schoolbooks and Brimstone - Funny stuff, a teacher sells his soul to a satanic chicken. Just wish there were more of it.
Self-Insert - Anime otaku visit the worlds of the anime they watch! Very cool. Except... it's recently changed... where did the old comics go?! Still cool, though. Lots of anime in-jokes.
Separation Anxiety - An interesting manga-style comic. Weirdness.
*Sinfest - My favorite webcomic! Philosophical commentary about the nature of man and woman, society, pop culture, religion, etc. Professional-level artwork, VERY funny strips, updates daily. Truly the coolest of the cool.
Sluggy Freelance - A long-running webcomic that takes random weirdness to the next level of fun. A homicidal bunny! Monsters! And stuff!
Same Difference - An online comic about real life twentysomething people. Very nice, good art.
*Souls Through Darkness - A wonderful fantasy comic about a drow elf. Beautiful artwork, good story, very good characters. I only wish there were more of it!
Spider Born - Erm, uber-creepy fantasy comic about drow elfs. Giant spiders. Excellent artwork, but only a very few strips so far.
*Strange Candy (Okashina Okashi) - One of my favorites, it's about several random people getting transported to an alternate Tokyo. It's a cliche-ridden parody comic that's just plain fun and a must-read for anime fans.
The Forge - By the same guy as "Real Life," this one is a fantasy comic about a smith and his talking sword. Silly fun.
No Angel - Angels in space! Um, it's okay.
*The Pantheon - One of my new favorite comics! Funny funny funny! The Greek gods, Jesus, Satan, the shepard boy Satan loves... this comic is awesome!
Helpdesk - A consistant favorite of mine, though I don't read it often. Computer helpdesk... people are stupid... and Ubersoft is evil. Ha!
Umalut House! - Furry comic. Um, sort of a college-future-romance-funny comic.
Unicorn Jelly - Really, I have no idea what this one is about, but it's kind of cool.
*Utukki - Awesome comic with amazing art and a premise based in Babylonian mythology. How cool is that!?
*When I Am King - An experimental comic, animated, without words (the pictures tell the story). It's very very cool.
Yahtzee Takes On The World - Guy tries to take over the world. Has minions. Very funny this is.
You Damn Kid - Remember childhood? The artist/writer of this comic does. Wry, tongue-in-cheek humor, with an edge.
Your Wings Are Mine - Lovely shonen-ai manga. A bit slow at times, but nice.
*Featherheart - Wonderful comic drawn by a friend of mine. It's about a guy with wings and the trouble they give him. Beautiful artwork. Highly recommended!