March 4th, 2003


Holy shit.

I just opened my inbox and found over a hundred e-mails. How'd THAT happen? Oh wait, a good half of it is spam. Damn the spam. And who else ABSOLUTELY HATES AMAZON.COM FOR SELLING OUR E-MAIL ADDRESSESS!!!??? Grr. They said they wouldn't, and then they decide to go ahead and do it. Fuckers.

I got to study mice today. Maternal behaviors. One day old pups. Messing with the mama mice, seeing if they'll retrieve their babies back to the nest if they were scattered about the cage. You know, all this animal and dead-thing experimentation this semester is utterly awesome. Although, it smells.

Now have "Lords of the Rhymes" stuck in my head. *bangs head on wall*

To tossblack: I've almost finished designing my cyber-picture-poem-thingee. Did you really want to help me realize my vision? Also, guess who got the latest Paradise Kiss? Heheheh.