March 6th, 2003


BF zine, GoR, and other stuff

So, last night after dinner (which was oh, around 5:30pm) I went to sleep. I woke up around midnight, looked at the clock, and went back to sleep. Then I woke up an hour before my alarm was supposed to go off (around 4:50am), contemplated getting up, then went back to sleep until my alarm DID go off. Then I got up and went online. Posted to GoR. Got ready for school. Posted to GoR. Went to school. Posted to GoR. Went to class. Checked GoR. Went to other classes. Came home. Checked GoR. Are we seeing a pattern here? *ahem* Anyway, so I got like, eleven hours of sleep last night. Guess I needed it, eh?

zortified please please please let me be in your mail swap! *bounces* Please?

tossblack please please please come over to my house this weekend to do stuffs like novenusho and my web-poem-thingee! We could watch anime, too...

In other news, I FINALLY have read some of the Battlefields of Slash Zine. IT SO TOTALLY ROCKS! Besides the gorgeous presentation *bows to osanna* it has some kick-ass stories in it. I've only read some of the shorter ones so far, though. I'm waiting until I have some uninterrupted time to read the longer stories.

"Drive" by Libertine just totally blew me away. Wonderful characterization of Ginny. I do not take this lightly, mostly people can't write a Ginny that I love. The psychology in this story is beautiful. This is a story that I'm going to be rereading.

"Cold Hands" by Ivy Blossom was gorgeous. God, the doom between Harry and Draco was profound. Lovely.

(Speaking of Doom, the "Pairings of Doom" were funny. Especiall "Draco/fish." And I love what Starkiller wrote for Hermione/Hagrid - Big brown eyes in the face of a pretty girl can melt even the hardest of hearts.)

"I Would Never Leave You, Ever" by Zed Adams. Creepy!

"White Silk and Pink Lace" by SkyFire was so fucking funny! I just about had an aneurysm trying to stifle my laughter so the other people on the bus wouldn't think I was crazy. Poor Elladan, indeed! Actually, I think this story would fit in well with GoR. Heh.

"The Midas Touch" by Starkiller and Vayshti scares me. Dear god! Wrong, in so many ways, but in presentation it was JUST RIGHT. Eep! Enjoyed it so!

"Summertime" by Starkiller and Mistress Darke Shadow rocked. A wonderful Garibaldi. Beautiful obsession. I do, however, wish it had ended on that bittersweet note, that hole of sorrow Garibaldi was in (the line "None of you(r) business. At all."). I did enjoy the ending (quite a bit, actually, beautiful sweetness there) but I think it would have been more powerful without the happy. Another story that I will be rereading.

"Pain is Pleasure" by Kebi... Eek! Harry/Tom! *runs and hides*

So. Those are the ones I've read so far. I'll have time for more later. Gooooooooooood stuff. Mmmmm, yummy slash. We lovesss your zine, doesn't we preciousss?
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