March 9th, 2003

alone on a swing

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tossblack and I worked on my (now, "our") cyber picturepoem yesterday. Rocks! Al can do all sorts of cool html stuffs. Yay!

You're The Tortured Artist
You're the Tortured Artist. You do anything and
everything; from water colours, to morbid
poetry, to emo music and zines. Nobody
understands you and they never will, but that's
alright because you have your art. You're
extremely intelligent and diverse, but perhaps
a little cinical. That's okay though, the world
can bite you and you can make up a short story
about then illustrate it yourself.

What Is Your Inner Artist?
brought to you by Quizilla

Look, I'm an artist! Not.

Also yesterday, I went to Benihana with family for sisty's birthday. Neat place. Japanese food made right in front of you by a Performance Chef! Nifty. Then had to watch sisty's kids while she and her hubby went to a basketball game. I let them stay up too late, but they were whining. Oh well.

Oi, so much homework to do today! Aaaaaahhhhh! TWO orals on Tuesday, TWO projects due on Monday, TWO tests this week. It's a week of twos! Le sigh.

My lips hurt. I think I have some funky disease that makes my lips crack open and bleed and make it so it hurts to eat or drink or even open my mouth at all. Owwiee! Maybe I'm allergic to chapstick? Sucks.

But I like my new allergy medicine! Sure, it makes me dehydrated and gives me headaches, but it has TWICE the decongestant dosage of my previous one and it gives me a nice buzz! *beams* *cries*

Just call me Bipolar Girl today.
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alone on a swing

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At the bookshop the other day I saw this new manga release by TokyoPop that looked interesting. It was I.N.V.U. by Kang Won Kim. INVU stands for Innocent Nice Vivid Unique. It's a romance-comedy thing. Here is a description. Has anyone read it? Know anyone who has read it? I'm interested, but I want to know if it's any good before I shell out $10 for it (or, I might go read it in the shop... tee hee... Bad Cloudie!). Well, anyone?

Heh. Also, anyone happen to know where I can download scanlations of Kakan no Madonna by Chiho Saito (called La Madonna Della Ghirlanda in Italian, where it's actually liscensed and sold... damn American distributors...)? Yes, this is by the same manga-ka as Revolutionary Girl Utena and my Italian copy of volume 6 looks just as cool. Similar concepts, too -- sword in girl, girl dresses like guy. BUT IT'S SET IN RENAISSANCE ITALY! How cool is THAT?! I want to read this. Anyone know of any scanlations available?