March 15th, 2003


Book-lust on rainy day!


Well, last night I had a lovely time at the club with Tsarina. We were exchanging RPG stories and I started talking about Gap of Rohan and she was all, "OMG *YOUR* part of GoR!?! YOU ROCK!" She likes Glorfy. And then I was casually dropping the names of the BNF on my friends list and she was impressed. Heh. I'm cool! *ahem* Anyway, we stayed out rather late, giggling over the insaneness, singing the Menchi Song. *snerk*

I did set my alarm for 4:30am to make the Battlefields chat, but, er, well, it rang, I smacked it and went back to sleep. *shrugs* Sorry, Starry-wan!

Today was nifty. Sisty and her hubby went to the basketball college playoff game ("Root first for UCLA, then root for any team playing against USC." They were happy Oregon won.). I watched the kids. Surprisingly, not a hardship. Niece spent the time playing on Neopets (with me occasionally scoring some major points for her) and nephew watched tv and played super-secret-spy-guy while I read. They were so good that I volunteered to take them to see Agent Cody Banks after school on Tuesday. I'm a good auntie, yes I am.

And now, to the books....



First, I went to the library. My order of Lady Knight by Tamora Pierce was finally in (I was #32 on the hold list -- you can imagine how long it has been since I put the order in) and I went to pick it up. While there, I stopped by the library book shop (saying hi to sisty's father-in-law while there -- he is almost always there) to just, you know, check it out, see if they got anything good. And I struck gold. I got a pristine hardbound copy of Illusion by Paula Volsky (a book I cannot recommend highly enough) for $1! (And two random handbacks for the same price because they looked interesting; Lavondyss by Robert Holdstock and In the House of Secret Enemies by George C. Chesbro.) AND, for only $0.50 each, I picked up TWELVE Thieves World books (and, quite randomly, Witch World by Andre Norton)!!! Isn't that cool!?! No, I've never read the Thieves World books, but they're like, famous and stuff, and by authors I really like, and out-of-print, so this was a great chance!!! Yeah.

Then I went to Borders to buy the second and third books in the Nightrunner series by Lynn Flewelling, as I'm almost finished with the first book and it's really cool! Oh, but when I got there I found out that they are having a sale -- buy three books and get the fourth free!!! How could I pass THAT up!?! So I also bought The Bone Doll's Twin (in the same universe as the Nightrunner books) and a present for my mum. (Meiran, I considered getting The Invisible Ring by Anne Bishop, but the other books and my lack of money won out in the end.) I also picked up this spiffy promotion for Cerulean Sins by Laurell K. Hamilton. It's a "passport" with pages devoted to each of the other Anita Blake books and an excerpt from the new book in it. Very cool. Borders is very slick. They're having another sale in a few days -- 20% off for students will valid highschool or college ID. AND I have a coupon for 20% off for any time between March 21 and 27! Gyah, more books!

Yes, I know I already have enough reading material to keep me busy for the next five years, what's your point?

And now I'm eating taquitos and listening to the rain outside and fondling my horde of books. What a wonderful day!