March 16th, 2003

alone on a swing

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UNIX sucks. But (with some help from Mark) I finally managed to upload files to my space on my university's server. I am now the proud hoster of two chapters of scanlations in .zip format! Yay! I'm doing my part for the scanlation community. *nods*

Also, (with A LOT of help from Mark) I can now used my PowerDVD program to play my DVDs on my computer. I have to go through some ODD hoops to get it to work though. Very very weird. But, it has allowed me to watch more of my nifty Due South DVD. Yay! Ya know, Fraser was a lot less uptight (and wore things other than the red uniform) in the first season. And Vecchio is such a dork, in a cuddly sort of way! I want to write Vecchio-het where he runs away with that Fed chick from "11 - You Must Remember This." Yes.

And I forgot to mention it, but I FINALLY got the first six eps of Naruto! Yay!
alone on a swing

completely random, but not so useless, almost spam update

Maturity in fanfic writers? I don't agree with everything the writer of this (waves to oshunanat) is saying here -- her interpretation of maturity is a bit to rigid for me -- but it is interesting and well thought out.

Someone finds a dead body in the streets? Creepy. Quick, take pictures! That's art, folks.

Free .mp3s, yay!

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Damn, I've got an earworm! Stupid hypnotic song, damn you Chumbawumba!

The Brand America Molecule. Scary, no?

Free porn! *giggle* Oh god... *shakes head*

And this is sweet. Now I want to go out and perform poetry for the masses! (Whoa, random Viggo moment there, sorry.)

And that damn annoying Atari duck flash game thingee is annoying me! I can't barely get the key before he kills me! Grrrr....

And I swear to you, bunnies are evil. Really!

Um, I'm going to stop there and go do something, you know, constructive.