March 21st, 2003

alone on a swing

yesterday was a bit sureal

TWO midterms, TWO. WITH war protests, people rattling doors and screaming, signs waved in my face, the whole shebang. Look, I understand, but I have GRADES to worry about while the whole world goes to hell, okay people!?!

And then, a midterm and a project today. Aaaaagggghhhh!

I basically collapsed into bed right after dinner last night, so I didn't check lj or blurty (and now you wants me to move to journalfen, I've got enough journals as it is!!!) last night. So when I see the amount of posts I have to catch up on... *boggles* (Not to mention e-mail, which I haven't checked since, oh, Monday...) I've almost made it, but now I have to go to my last class of the week (thank god). Oh lookee, it starts in 8 minutes.

Full weekend, too. Gaaagh! Paper for conference needs to get done soon, too. Help!
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