March 31st, 2003

alone on a swing

"Reality is what refuses to go away when I stop believing in it..."

I am wearing my hair in Elven braids! Whee~! Four braids; one from either temple, meeting together in back of my head and tied togehter; one from below each ear, worn either down my back with my loose hair, or down my front. *twirls* I feel like an elf! Watch me scamper about! Whee~! (I have an almost overwhelming urge to dress in gauze and put on my new elf ears.) Yay! I'm an elf, yay!

*ahem* Yes, well...


Anyway, last Friday I took pictures of my brain in the lab. Why did I take pictures of my brain? Because I could. Why am I posting pictures of my brain? Collapse )

Today, I spent some time trying to make a manga-style relationship map of the characters on Gap of Rohan. I'm not at all satisfied with it yet. I think I should try doing it in color and on the computer, so it won't look so sloppy. Collapse )


Edit: I want to lick this up and swallow it whole. Because now Hermione-in-my-head is in American McGee's Wonderland running around with the Vorpal Blade and... yes.

Edit again: Bwahahahahahah...! *wipes tears from eyes* I really don't know why that tickles me so much, it just does. I think it's the inherrant bdsm qualities that come with Wonder Woman's lasso, plus the reference to elves and magic, along with the stalker-esque qualities of Gollum. Heheheh.

Edit once again: Cute! Legolas as Cupid and an ANGRY-SCARY Elrond! <3<3<3
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