May 5th, 2003


home again, home again, fiddle-dee-dee

You people are crazy! And you have no lives! All these POSTS!!! Aaaargh. I will NOT read all these back LJ Friends posts and Blurty GoR posts! No, I won't! *spends a couple of hours reading back posts* Heh.

Oh, and Hey!!!. *mutters* Making fun of the psychology... IS a science... know more about the freakin' scientific method and statistical analysis than any FIVE bio majors...

Psychology rocks. The conference was pretty groovy. (Yesh, I sound like Aragorn.) I went to a couple of symposiums and several poster presentations. My presentation was on Thursday afternoon, so after that I was basically free. It went well, I think. Nobody asked me any questions about my research that I couldn't answer, and several people complemented me. ^_^ Yay! *pets poster* And about two dozen people even asked for a copy of my paper! Whee!

Some Big Name psychos, *ahem*, I mean, PSYCHOLOGISTS were there. Phil Zimbardo. Heh. In my research group, there is a joke that he's the devil. And he gave a talk on the psychology of evil. Which fit, we thought. But the talk was VERY interesting. I wish he'd provided transcripts. Um, um, yeah, there were other Important People there, too, but I forgot them. *brightly* But anyway, I got lots of research papers and studies to read! Yippee!

And Vancouver was awesome. I wish I lived there. I wish I were Canadian!!! I want to be Canadian!!! Canadians rock!

I'll post about the non-businessy aspects of my visit to Vancouver later. *goes back to reading GoR posts on Blurty*
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(Randomly: I am severely pissed at my mother. And I am freaking her out by being all calm about it instead of yelling and bitching. Soon, however, she will begin with the guilt-trips and I know that I'll be the one to end up apologizing to her. *shurgs* Whatever.)

And isn't that just typical! I don't show up for a couple of meetings, and they elect me Treasurer! #*@#%!!! Fuckers.

I am. Well, I am scared to look at my inbox. I deleted 105 unread emails right before I got on the plane (from one of those pay-internet access consoles at the airport), and by now... Eep. Anyway, if I don't respond to a post or comment-to-a-comment that you directed at me, that's why. Erp, just drop me a note and a link if you want me to. I'm still catching up on back entries and I don't guarantee to not miss anything.

La la la, still haven't caught up yet. Will do so tonight (hopefull). Going out to my birthday dinner with family now. My birthday was actually spent half in Canada, half in the United States, with several hours in the air yesterday. And I got home 30 minutes before it ended and collapsed into bed last night. So, birthday dinner tonight. Prezzies! Yay! (Will post about what I REALLY did in Vancouver later. Heh. I was bad. But it was oh so fun.)