May 11th, 2003

alone on a swing


Today, tossblack and I went to the Ren Faire. Great fun! I spent WAY too much money on costume stuff. Fun stuff. Um, and we were so hyped up afterwards (her on sugar, me on caffeine) that we came back to my place and made something COOL. Yeah.

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Eheheheheheheh. Um. Heh.
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alone on a swing

A poem from my recent LJ entries.

Pink bunnies
are going to write
like two hours for
the late shift after
I am still even asked
for a
hardcore Gangsta Bitch. Cause mass
this morning. straightening out
and I just
had to catch up on
it blend into the background!
Oh, and sisters, I believe
need to work. until
about it the big term paper poster
And my eyes still a quiz
or female?: MotherlandDescribe
yourself: Great googly moogly! The conference
tomorrow This is
I just typical! I know
more about two papers I have frilly girly
in Vancouver, later. *goes back
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