June 14th, 2003

alone on a swing

I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way.

I haven't checked my Friends list yet. I'm so bad. (spank me)

my last post, and all the nifty binary comments it generated just really really amuses me. ^_^ (you're all freaks)

Alseides left the club early tonight even though I begged her to stay and clung to her purse strap until she resorted to hitting me! !!! *is sad*

Speaking of Al, when I got on computer just now, I went to check FeatherHeart like I usually do on Friday nights for the update... and it wasn't updated! I forgot! It's the last one!!! *is even more sad, even though it's really really cool* (yesyes, al, i'll write SS soon...)

Christine and David left early, too. CHRISTINE IS MOVING AWAY!!! *is sad again* I have angst! I have woe dammit!!! (and Tsarina admitted that Arwen has woe, too, for she is Goth, because Kissaki said so, yay!)

Oh, and silensy! You have to read those Cloud stories of mine that I was telling you about! First "Lonely As A Cloud" and then Watching"!!! In fact, everyone should read them! Because they're good! Really! (and no, people, Cloud is NOT an original character by me, s/he is an actual CANON Marvel Comics(tm) character)

I'm supposed to copy and mail anime for people. ...yeah. Um, soon? Really! Like, I have cards for Australian peoples, but I have not sent them, because I have not the right postage. But soon! I shall! And then! To the mail they go! Yeah!

I'm really really tired and not all that coherrent right now, sorry.

One final note: The Random Chris Report - No sightings of Random Chris tonight, but there were reports of hot, sword-weilding assassins and nifty, winged thieves. Probability is high that Random Chris will be spotted next week.