June 16th, 2003

alone on a swing

Gap of Rohan post!!!!!

Seriously. I <3 Thranduil. His dry sense of humor just totally cracks me up!!! He says the funniest things!!! And this!!! I agree with Luthien and Aragorn; he's dead sexy. Heh.

I've had to be reminded several times today that I am not my characters. ;_; But! I think that I have a little bit of me in each of them!!! (Although, this disturbs me, since my female characters all seem to be co-dependent. O.o)

I'm debating as to if I should include something that I've written in my vast and horrible fanfic about Glorfindel's life, tentatively entitled "Glorfindel of Gondolin and Rivendell," in a post now that he is back in Valinor. See, I wrote about his lost love (who I've casually mentioned before), and how she remained in Aman -- because she was Vanyar -- when the Noldor left. Also, how, even though he now claims he is no artisian, Glorfindel had been a respected glassworker back then, and how he never did it again after the slaughter of the Teleri, feeling that his art was tainted by his actions... and wow, am I going overboard on all this or what!?!

Oh well.

I'm with Arwen... let's kill off Elladan!!! (I am not my character, I am not my character, I am not my character... or else I'd have a split personality... oops.)

Oh, and hey! madame_muppet, remember how I told you that I asked one of my professors (who is an actual clinical psychologist) to diagnose Aragorn though my description of him via email? She finally got back to me!!! This is what she wrote:
I believe you have it right - a self esteem problem - also some
fear about taking over the kingdom given what happened to his parents
and his own low self esteem. Maybe also some commitment phobia??? I
also think that he has some abandonment issues because of the early
death of his mother and this may have resulted in some of the
relationship issues.

Heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh. *ahem* Yeah. *grins*

*shrugs* Hey, I'm an obsessed wacko, so what?