August 6th, 2003


GoR, senior thesis project, LotR cards of wonder

I am still in shock over the happenings in Gap of Rohan. Shock. (And this may be petty, but I'm not at all happy with Frodo. Grr.)

I've finally started looking at my thesis data. Whoa. So far I don't have anything concrete, but whoa. There is definately something going on there. All I've done so far are a series of paired t-tests, but the results look interesting. Wave 6 is definately different from waves 5 and 7, and the pre-data on wave 6 matches the pre-data on wave 5, but the post-data certainly doesn't! So cool!!! So, going to be doing some more statistical stuff, see what is significant, then I'll look up articles and then I just have to write it! Yay!

Now I'm going to talk about something utterly cool that happened to me over a week ago. I'm still stunned over it. Its like the universe suddenly took an interest in me and... Well, let me start at the beginning.

So, at Comic Con a few weeks ago, Alseides and I each bought a Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game starter pack. We're going to try to learn and play the game. We also got the little 11 card supplemental packs. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I checked our inventory just to see if Barnes & Nobles carries the LotR Trading Card Game, but we don't. Or, if we once did, it was over two years ago. So, I was sad, because I kinda wanted to get another of the 11 card packs, but it wasn't a big deal, you know? Okay, now here is where it gets freaky. And cool. And pretty weird and amazing. The Monday before last I was working the cashwrap. It's a slow night, so I'm joking around with the headcashier. Anyway, somehow I end up saying -- and these are my exact words mind you -- I say "My one regret in life is that Barnes & Nobles doesn't carry the Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game." I actually said that. Now, I was joking, of course, but I swear, the universe heard me... heard me and thought "oh, is that all she wants, is that her one regret? i can do something about that..." Because, less than an hour after I said that, I was fooling around, looking at the Tarot cards behind the register because there were no customers to keep me busy and... I FOUND A LORD OF THE RINGS TRADING CARD STARTER DECK!!!!! RIGHT THERE!!! Now, you have to remember that Barnes & Nobles doesn't actually carry these things. They are not in our stores, they are not in our warehouses. And yet... there is was. Now, either we did carry these cards two years ago and it's just been sitting there all this time -- and I don't see how, since we should have shipped it back a long time ago as WE DON'T CARRY THIS ITEM -- or the universe heard me and decided to give me a little present and put it there.

I bought them, of course. I haven't unwrapped them yet, though. They're kind of... special, you know? I was hyped for DAYS after that. Still am, really. I mean... what are the odds? How is this possible? And... does this mean that I am now a person without regrets? It's not, like, a BIG miracle or anything, not important or spectacular or even THAT far-fetched, but still, it makes me think...
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