August 22nd, 2003

alone on a swing


Job stuff:

Well, today is my last day here an a federal employee. On Wednesday, the two people I work closest with took me out to lunch. Mexican food, mmm, yummy. Today, some people from the office made a cake and gave me and the other girl who is leaving today cards and roses. It's very sweet. Nice. I brought presents for people. I was going to bring donuts, but I forgot. ^_^' And! I get to leave 59 minutes early today. The commander was so impressed by the All Hands meeting on Tuesday that he is letting everyone go early. All Hands Commander's Call = big meeting that everyone that works for the Agency in his district has to drive out to Headquarters to attend. Except, since I'm leaving, I didn't have to go and I got to stay on base all day in an empty office. Heh. So yes, leaving this job, going back to school, yay!

Keeping the other job. OMG, we had a signing there on Wednesday! O_o Evil people. Signing was for Big Name children's author, Eric Carle. People sucked, they messed up my store. I've been told it was nowhere near as bad as when J.K. Rowling came to sign there (well, duh!), but still... Anyway, I'm scheduled to work there next Tuesday evening, even though that's my first day of classes. Oops! I might have to miss my first class. Sucks. *sighs*

Other stuff:

Pirate obsession going way out of control. Have ordered many many books on historical pirates. Have photocopied and printed out references. Have HIGHLITED STUFF. Clearly, am insane. ("Daft like Jack." Heh.)

Have been typing up Glorfindel story for Starry-wan. It's getting a little out of control. I have been writing footnotes for it. FOOTNOTES! *shakes head* Yes, totally insane.

Got a new cell phone. Is nice, except it doesn't have the game Snake on it!! >:O! Oh, and does anyone know where I can find the Suspiria theme in .midi format so I can make that my ring tone? That would be cool. ^_^

I have a boo boo.
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