August 27th, 2003

alone on a swing

I'm tired. Really, I should be asleep now.

I'm really excited about Human Factors System Design. It's my first graduate-level class and it looks TOTALLY AWESOME. Industrial/Organizational and Cognitive both look okay, and Advanced Stats doesn't look too bad. I think my big yuck this semester will be teaching the Animal Behavior lab. *sighs* Why can't I say no to professors? Or anyone, really? Taking classes, writing thesis, teaching two classes, volunteering for Helpline, AND working, while also trying to maintain online life and RL friendship network? Not impossible, but still kinda insane.

elite_stoat, I'm sorry I keep missing you. You're coming to Anime Club on Friday, right? I'll see you there and I'll buy you dinner, okay? *huggles*

silensy, we're going to the luau on Sunday, right? Are G and Tori coming? (G, you read my journal every once in a blue moon, reply or something, 'kay?) tossblack, oshunanat, elite_stoat, you guys wanna come, too? (And we need to buy tickets for December 16th soon, right? Yes, yes we do. Also, who's up for seeing PotC again?)

And now for a preview of an upcoming episode of Cloudie's LJ:
Pirates! It's a way of life!
Plus, don't miss the Dollfie Fashion Review!
Stay tuned.
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