September 23rd, 2003



I just got home from work to find a letter from the glorious, wonderfull, amazing mistress-o-mine, themerovingian!!! With pictures! Of cool people! And a cat! And a peacock!(?) I'm sorry that your poor little punk rock heart is broken, Starry-wan. But! You'll always have their music, right!? Don't worry about your handwritting, it's VERY readable compared to the illegible scrawls on a lot of the papers I have to grade. Stay warm!!! *huggles* (PS: No fair, why does tossblack get a note with the meaning of life in it and I don't!?!)


So. On Friday I went to the club, but it sucked, so elite_stoat, oshunanat, and tossblack and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean again because it was Talk Like A Pirate Day. Yay, pirates!! On Saturday, after work, I took my sisty's brats to a local street carnival. It was okay, but I had to be the adult and just watch them go on the rides instead of join in. Sad. Yesterday, after work, torrye and I went to go see Once Upon A Time In Mexico again. Yay, Johnny!

I have been pondering, and I think that I want to give up playing Rosie Cotton in Gap of Rohan, but I certainly don't want to give her up to Frodo's player. tossblack, do you want to take her on? How about you, silensy? I think that you need some non-evil characters. Um. Yeah, so anyway, after a certain event that Al and I have planned is done, maybe someone would take her off my hands?

I loffs my co-worker, Elizabeth. She bought me a chocolate creme frapaccino today.

I get my results on my Stats exam tomorrow. I'm nervous. I think I did good, but I'm not positive. Here's to hoping! *keeps fingers crossed* Tomorrow is also my first I/O exam. *crosses more fingers* A damn lot of my time is going to be eaten up by running an out-of-class study session for my PSY 401L students, because they have an exam on Thursday. Grr. Also, I have to show my advisor some progress on my thesis. There is no progress. *sighs* She's pushing me to have it done before the WPA and the APA deadlines so I can present it. *headdesk*

At my work, they are considering choosing a book (like Alice in Wonderland or something) and having all the employees dress up like characters from it for Halloween. Not sure how I feel about that. Must put in my two cents on the idea, if I can FIND two cents to rub together, that is.

On a not-unrelated subject, Alseides made the MOST AWESOME WINGS EVER and showed them to me on Friday!!! They are too cool! And I get to wear a set just like them on Halloween! I'm going to be a Summer Fairy. Yay!

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