October 7th, 2003

alone on a swing

Why Cloudie sucks:

Cloudie has not written paper.

Cloudie has not analyzed data.

Cloudie has not checked GoR in DAYS.

Cloudie has not checked email in DAYS.

Cloudie has not called people.

Cloudie is thinking of blowing off everything tomorrow, even though IMPORTANT THINGS are due.

Cloudie wants to go to sleep.
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alone on a swing


Surreal, much?

I cannot figure it. That entry was locked an poster is not on my Friends list. I cannot reply to post, as LJ says no such entry exists. I know not this personage.

I am puzzled.

Edited: And now it says I have 2 comments, but I can only see the one! Is LJ being weird for anyone else?

Edited: Because I do try not to spam.

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